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The Commonwealth of Kentucky is a state known for its Bluegrass, College Basketball (Louisville, University of Kentucky, etc), and its thoroughbred horses.  But its top quality is also its best kept secret, Ale-8-One soft drink.  While most would argue with me that the bourbon distilleries lead to the top drink of Kentucky, I stand by Ale-8-One as being the best.
Bottled in Winchester, Kentucky, this unique soft drink began being bottled in 1926. Although most people figure that Ale-8-One is a just a typical “ginger ale,” they are missing a quality that makes it stand out from all others.  Ale-8-One has a great burst of caffeine, something rare to typical ginger ale.  There are very few products, mostly Mountain Dew, that have more caffeine in 12 oz. then Diet Ale-8.
Diet Ale-8-One is a favorite of mine as it uses Splenda to keep the original taste, without the amount of sugar the regular one contains.  Another factor that makes Diet Ale-8-One my drink of choice is the challenge in finding the soft drink.  For reasons unknown, the distribution of the Ale-8-One product is limited regionally to the Winchester, Kentucky area.  The regular Ale-8-One soda can be found as far North as Dayton and Columbus, Ohio, but the Diet Ale-8-One is not among the distribution.  So needless to say, every time I pass the Winchester/Lexington area I must stop off to buy a few cases of this beloved drink.

I wish I had an answer to why Diet Ale-8-One tastes so much better in a glass bottle than a can or why I enjoy it so much more than other ginger ale products.  Stopping off to buy some made my drive from Cincinnati to Atlanta that much easier.  And I was sure to pick up PLENTY of extra to have with me during Spring Training in Sarasota.  And the best part? I get to drive through again on way back home to start the season.

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  1. Andy says:

    I despise this drink. Furthermore, I have no real reason to dislike it. It’s a long bitter story; and that’s the only reason I can think of. That being said, it’s a weak story and makes me sound like an ass.

    I’ll take a Maker’s Mark bourbon.

  2. michael kriston says:

    Haven’t had it

    Woodford is better than makers

    I had cases of woodford specifically purchased for my wedding, because it is that f*ing good

  3. Andy says:

    I’ll have to try Woodford. Trusting you here…..only because you posted on Corey’s blog….you’ve got to be a decent fellow.

  4. Batman says:

    Decent fellow might not be the way to describe me, but i realized i didn’t have any woodford, so i had to stop and buy some tonight at the ABC Store. Was tempted by the 70 dolllar mega bottle, but settled on the 30 dollar fifth.
    It is by far the rolls royce of Bourbons.

  5. Emily says:

    this is, indeed, the best drink in the world.
    i know many people that consider it to be “river water”, but having an ale8 in the morning with breakfast is just what the doctor ordered to get through the day.

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