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The Kansas State Wildcats could not have asked for a better beginning to their game against instate rival Kansas. Before a loud and packed house of 12,528 fans, the Wildcats raced out to a 30-14 lead halfway through the first half. But the Jayhawks would fight back closing the gap to 43-42 at the half on their way to a 85-74 defeat of KSU.

A quick Kansas State start led to Kansas Head Coach to call three quick first half timeouts to try to stop the Wildcats run. Self said, “We were grasping. We didn’t have anything going and they (K-State) were great. We dared (Jacob) Pullen to make his first shot and he did. He had eight points by the first media timeout and we couldn’t stay in front of (Denis) Clemente. He made everything he looked at early as well. Our guys stayed tough.”

Kansas star Sherron Collins picked up his second foul with an offensive charge with 3:32 in the first half with the Jayhawks down nine. Without their leader, Kansas went on a 9-0 run to tie the game at 38 a minute before the half. Kansas State would regain the lead 43-42 going into the locker room.

Center Cole Adrich started off the second half of play with a quick two, giving Kansas a lead that they would hold onto almost the entire second half. Aldrich would lead the Jayhawks with 21 points while Collins added 19. Markieff Morris had 15 and Brady Moringstar added 12 as the other Kansas players in double figures.

Kansas State’s damage was done once again by their backcourt led by Junior Point Guard Denis Clemente and his game high 26 points. Jacob Pullen added 22 and Darren Kent was the only other Wildcat scorer in double figures with 12.

The Wildcats fell behind by 10 midway through the second half and were making a run until Clemente picked up a technical foul for elbowing Moringstar in the back. “Yes (it was a mistake). That’s what I said to coach. We were down by two and then I got a technical foul and they shot two free throws and we were down by four. Then they got the ball back and shot a three and we were down by seven. We go down and miss and then they come back and shoot a three and take a 10-point lead. I think that’s the game right there.”

Kansas State hosts non conference opponent North Carolina Central on Tuesday night before jumping back into Big 12 league play at Iowa State on Saturday.


12:30 p.m. Doors Open for Students to claim their general admission seating.

12:40 A Kansas University Student Manager wearing a team warm-up appears out of the tunnel to put some items on team bench and is quickly, and loudly, booed.

12:49 First spotting of a KU fan in the Kansas State student section, and he is booed.

1:02 Freddy Brown takes the court to loosen up with some pregame jump shots. Crowd reacts to each make or miss with a cheer or a sigh.

1:04 Head Basketball Coach Frank Martin takes the court and is handed a microphone to address to the student body. A loud ovation is given as the students chant, “Frank Martin.” Martin tells the students how the entire team is “proud to play for you,” and adds that they are the “best student fans in the country.” Martin then asks the students for two things, to show ABC and the entire country why they have “the best home court advantage in basketball,” and to join hands and “get us a win.”

1:07 Five Kansas Jayhawk players take the court for pre game warm-ups to huge smattering of boos.

1:13 Students chant “Elevator” as Kansas Guard Sharron Collins warms up.

1:16 The video board began to play highlights of last year’s Kansas State victory over Kansas in Bramlage Coliseum. Several KU players stopped their warm up routine to watch the video.

1:20 The video was followed by the first “Wabash Cannonball” of the day.

1:24 Athletic Department hands out newspapers for students to use during the pregame introductions.

1:30 Most every available seat in the student sections are full as the arena gates are open to the rest of the fans.

1:32 Former UCLA Head Coach Steve Lavin appears on the court to prepare for his commentary covering the game for ABC. I have nothing personal against Coach Lavin, but really do not like him for THIS reason. Come on selection committee, an eight seed? Are you serious?

1:34 Former KSU Wildcat and current Boston Celtic Bill Walker walks out onto the court.

1:39 KU team heads back to the locker room to a loud display of boos.

1:41 KSU forwards stretch at center court with Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Scott Greenawalt.

1:44 KSU Guards now stretch at center court with Coach Greenawalt as the forwards shoot.

1:46 A beach ball that is being batted around in the stands falls on the court to a large boo to the person who missed it. An usher quickly picks it back up and tosses back into stand to loud ovation.

1:47 More KU fans enter the stands.

1:48 KSU students began to chant “F@#* KU” as a small group of Jayhawk fans enter the student section.

1:50 Kansas State layup line turns into a mini dunk contest to the liking of the fans.

1:53 A handful of Frank Martin “face” T-shirts are handed out to some fans sitting courtside.

1:56 KSU players exit the court for the locker room.

2:01 Assistant Coach Brad Underwood starts his pregame chat with the players.

2:03 Kansas players retake the floor.

2:09 Kansas State players retake the floor.

2:17 Kansas State players leave court for final time to head to locker room.

2:18 Kansas players leave court for final time to head to locker room to very loud boos.

2:19 Referees exit court to head to locker room. Have to feel for these three guys. They are in a no win situation.

2:20 Coach Underwood begins his final team address in KSU locker room.

2:23 Kansas takes the court.

2:25 Kansas State takes the court.

2:26 Arena breaks into a “Bill Walker” chant as he enters the arena again.

2:29 National Anthem performed by a group of Kansas State students.

2:32 Kansas Jayhawk starters are introduced to loud boos.

2:33 Kansas State starters are introduced.

2:36 Tip-off.


It is always fun to view the signs held up in the student section at college sporting events. And when you have a rivalry like Kansas State and Kansas, things tend to get magnified and become a bit personal. I will list below a wide selection of signs found in Bramlage. I want to make clear that I do not endorse everyone and think they are all funny and proper, but I wanted to share them with you anyways. And to be quite honest, I am not even sure if I understood them all.

– “Rock Chalk Jayhawk, You are a Moron!” (Probably my favorite, from the new ESPN commercial)

– “Rock Chalk Chicken hawk, Go KSU!”

– “If you can read this you are smarter than the Morris twins.”

– “Two Morris’, One Brain.”

– “Dear KU, You probably can’t read this…Love the Big 12.”

– “KU! So easy a caveman can do it.” (huh?)

– “All I want for my birthday is a KSU win!”

– “In Frank we trust.”

– “ABC- Always Behind our Cats.”

– “ABC- Another Bill Self Chicken Loss.”

– “Choke!” (and a picture of a hand grabbing a chicken by the throat)

– “Pullen for the upset.”

– “Cupid Pullen for the Cats.”

– “Want to get lucky this Valentine’s Day? Get yourself some Luis Cologne.”

– “DK (Darren Kent) + trombone = LOVE” (from a band member)

– “Eat more Chickenhawks.”

– “Shoot the J not the pedestrian.” (Reference to Markieff Morris)

LOTS of Sherron Collins Signs

– “Sherron- you better take the stairs this time.”

– “Sorry Sherron, I would rather take the stairs.”

– “Love in an elevator.”

– “Collins in an elevator…rubbin it up as he’s goin down.”


– Kansas Basketball wears Adidas uniforms, and donned their blue ones for the game with red warm-ups. The uniforms were fine, but not a big fan of the shoes.

– The Kansas State players participated in pregame warm-ups in their white “Kansas State Proud” t-shirts for the second straight game.

– The much anticipated Kansas State Student Stampede into the arena to gain their general admission sitting when the doors opened was not what it should have been. Upon asking a few students what took so long for them all to get in they sited security checks at the door.

– Two former Kansas State Wildcats who were on the team last season were in the attendance for the contest, Boston Celtics Bill Walker and former guard Blake Young.

– Being an equipment guy, I notice some things that most people do not. I found it totally unnecessary and over kill that each Kansas player had their own Gatorade towel with their embroidered jersey number on it. Like student managers do not have enough to worry about.

– A Puerto Rico flag was spotted flying in the player’s family section. It was flown by a member of the Denis Clemente’s family who attended the game from Miami, Florida.

– Some I was told that a Kansas State student got a hold of Kansas Jayhawk’s center Cole Aldrich’s cell phone and passed it around to have students call and distract Aldrich. Aldrich then called back one of the students, leaving a message on his cell phone that was later posted on Youtube. I have no confirmation if this is for real, but pretty funny to listen to. And no, it is not safe for work and full of foul language to be careful where you listen to this at. VOICEMAIL.

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  1. Gatordiznan says:

    ucla… i loved ’em in atlanta when they beat michigan (and uk throttled and hobbled the lou), but as an 8 in pitt? toughest 2nd rd. matchup ever?…uh no, that would be tulsa

  2. Corey says:

    Thanks for your comment. I agree that Tulsa was MUCH better than a seven seed, but that entire tournament deserves a book of its own. I understand Cincinnati lots its best player, but how do you go from the best team in the country to a two seed in the tournament? Plus, when I saw Ted Valentine on the books to officiate the game, I know the ‘Cats did not stand a chance.

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