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I had the privilege of spending the day in Titletown, USA, or otherwise known as Gainesville, Florida, Home of the Florida Gators.  There are not many places that you can walk on the campus at the University of Florida, and not know that they won the 2008 NCAA Football Championship. The campus bookstore has its own section just for BCS championship gear.  I have decided to show you some of my day in pictures.

The Stephen C. O’Connell Center is the home to the Men and Women’s Basketball Team.  Inside the building, and out in the concourse, is also the swimming and diving facility, which makes the entire building smell like chlorine.

The official name is the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, but it is known around the country as “The Swamp.”  The University of Florida leaves this stadium open to its students to use to work out, run stairs, or start a pickup game on the field when it is not being used.  I have never been a huge college football fan, but would love to see this place rocking with over 90,000 strong.


The Gators baseball team calls McKethan Stadium at Perry Field home and have won over 73% of their games there since the stadium opened in 1988.  The stadium holds about 6,000 fans and I had a chance to watch some players warm up before a practice.  The Gators are trying to make it back to the College World Series for the first time since 2005.uf-baseball-stadium

At most campuses across the country you see students riding these: uf-bikes

But at the University of Florida, you see students riding these: uf-scooters

Make sure you are careful where you park them! uf-no-scooter-parking-sign

Unofficial rule in the Florida Gator Athletic Department: “Win a National Championship, and get your face on a Pepsi Vending Machine.”


Looked EVERYWHERE for a real live Gator on campus and this is all I found.


So, how many of you all went to colleges that had palm trees??



And what college campus is complete these days without a Chipotle.


Finally, tomorrow is baseball…Play ball…

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  1. b says:

    Other UF items of Note: FREE Gatorade at the student health center (or so they claimed when I went on a tour last year (the “Swamp” holds claim as the proud birthplace of the renowned sports drink) and the “French fry sculpture at the arts building is pretty interesting too!

    I’ll agree with the stairs thing but are you sure they open the football field to students? I swear it’s off limits because its natural grass?

  2. Batman says:

    friggen florida…
    i’m sick of the SEC
    (And the ACC too)

  3. corey says:

    You might be right about the field off limits, but I am just reporting what MY tour guide told me…

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