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I wanted to share a funny story with you that just happened.  I stayed the night in Clearwater last night following the game because Dunedin, where I am going today, is so close.  I decided to go out for a run this morning to take in the good weather and get a nice sweat going.  Being so close to the Phillies training complex, I thought I would run over there to check it out in more detail and see if there were any workouts going on.  I ran through the back fields and checked out the minor league fields and complex, seeing a few small groups of players working out.

Upon running out of the minor league backfields, I was flagged down by a middle age man decked out in World Championship Phillies gear.  Interested to see what he wanted, I stopped and pulled an ear bud from my Ipod out of my ear.  He was carrying a backpack and a baseball bat that appeared to be loaded with signatures.

The man proceeded to tell my that he was collecting autographs from as many minor league prospects that he could and would be honored if I would sign the bat.  I paused and thought to myself, “I am one of the better Clubhouse/Equipment Managers in the minor leagues, so I guess that does make me a prospect…”

Off to Dunedin Stadium to see the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Detroit Tigers.

3 Responses to “Top Prospect?”

  1. Chris H says:

    So can we bid on this CBrinn autographed bat on ebay or did you pass on the opportunity?

  2. Corey says:

    I believe Ebay has pulled down the auction due to the overwhelming activity that the site was getting and is checking the authenticity of the signature.

  3. ELB says:

    I’d love to bid on this one. Where can I get a Corey Brinn autograph?

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