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Although spring training is not fully complete, it is time for me to head back north to prepare for the minor league season.  At Fifth Third Field in Dayton, we will be hosting a Future Stars game, between the Cincinnati Reds Major League Club and a collection of “Futures” from the minor league system, made up mostly of the top prospects throughout.

This exhibition game will take place on Saturday, so I have to return to begin to set up both clubhouses for the teams. Although the days can get very long, my time in Sarasota this year seemed to fly by.  I have enjoyed meeting and hanging with new staff members and players that were not around last season.  I am hoping that it can be a great year at all the minor league levels for the Reds and that the players will get fully developed and ready for the next level.

Although I am not sure where I will be next season, one place I know it will not be is Sarasota, Florida. When the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates concludes on Thursday, so does the Reds run at Ed Smith Stadium and the City of Sarasota Complex. Next year they will be headed west to Goodyear, Arizona to begin training.

I hope you all have enjoyed some of my coverage of action throughout Florida and Spring Training.  Seems like just yesterday I started my trip down I-75 from Cincinnati, stopping in Lexington, Kentucky to grab some Ale-8, and then continuing south.

Please continue to stay with me and this website throughout the baseball season as I have many exciting things planned and topics to cover.  As you read this, I will be on my 18 plus hour drive home, chomping at the bit for the start of another wonderful season.

As always, please feel free and you are encouraged, to comment on any of the posts or send me an email at  Would love to hear what you think and what you would like to see in the future.

4 Responses to “Bye Bye Sarasota”

  1. Gatordiznan says:

    in all fairness to the city of sarasota, they may be happy that you’re leaving, i’m sure they’re ale-8 supply has been at the critical level since you’ve arrived and the 5 dollar foot longs can return to their normal consumption level

  2. Matt S. says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading the posts this spring. I know you’re as ready for the season as I am. What’s your take on the Reds dealing Kep? Hope all is well.
    Matt S.

  3. mackdaddy says:

    Sarasota rocks and I think we all know it. The clubhouse needs demolishing, after that it is a cool place. You need to shave- calling your self a Reds fan. Come one, who do you think u are, Jeff Reardon.

  4. Corey says:

    Thanks for the kind words…I had fun writing this spring and plan on continuing throughout the season. As far as Kepp getting traded, we will never know until we see who the Reds get in return. I knew the Reds wanted to make this move and probably will now keep Adam Rosales on the Major league roster, allowing both Janish and Valiaka to open the season at AAA. I know it doesn’t count for to much, but the AAA roster should be pretty good again this season.

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