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Drew M. Anderson

Drew M. Anderson

In the game of baseball you could be here one minute and gone the next.  For Drew M. Anderson it all happened so fast.  Anderson was on the backfields at the Cincinnati Reds Spring Training Complex warming up for a game against minor leaguers from the Minnesota Twins.  Anderson was in the starting lineup playing second base. As he finished up his pre-game routine and stretches he was tapped on the shoulder by field coordinator Freddie Benavides, and was asked to join him and Terry Reynolds for a few words.

Anderson was told that he had just been traded to the Tampa Bay Rays and they were expecting him to report to their minor league complex in Port Charlotte, about 45 minute drive from Sarasota. With a few “thank you’s” and “Good Lucks” Anderson headed into the clubhouse to pack up his locker and move his career in a new direction.

A few phone calls and large number of text messages appeared to be the first thing on Anderson’s mind as he loaded up his Louisville Bats bag to head out.  I asked him if he knew any details of the trade, and he said all he knew was a phone number of the Rays farm director that he was supposed to call.

Having their Triple-A team in Durham, North Carolina, Anderson is hoping to make that squad so that he can live at home and be close to family and friends.  Appearing a bit “shell shocked,” the 26 year old infielder told me he was excited “because Tampa Bay had a strong interest in him and could be a better road to the show.”

Although Drew M. Anderson has been traded and will be moving on to Tampa Bay, the Reds still have one Drew Anderson left.  Drew T. Anderson is a 27 year old outfielder whose locker is two down from Drew M.

Upon exiting the clubhouse, one member of the Reds staff yelled out, “Good luck and we’ll miss you, but at least we won’t get you two confused anymore.”

8 Responses to “Here one minute, gone the next…”

  1. greg says:

    Do you know who he was traded for?

  2. michael kriston says:

    if he ends up in durham, ill see him play

  3. butterbean says:

    Hi corey,
    your in sight on these topics are top notch man……… bueno suerte… my country means good luck….. i hope the best

  4. Corey says:

    No details on the trade have been announced but looks like we will list it as a “player to be named later”

  5. Corey says:

    He is a great kid and plays hard. He might start in AA at Montgomery…At least you get to see David Price now!!

  6. RANDY says:


    Part of life–sometimes you don’t know or whats going to happen one minute to the nest.


  7. reds super fan says:

    Say i really hope the last week of camp is going well for
    u an hope to see u at the ball park. Say would tell what
    kind of money u make in pro baseball. Say would know
    the Stowes they run the club house for the Reds

  8. Corey says:

    Camp is going good, thank you. I can say that you don’t work in minor league baseball for the money! I do know the Stowe’s and their assistants in both major league clubhouses.

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