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Working baseball spring training is a lot of work and a lot of long hours.  But every now and then, you find some time to get out and have some fun.  I had the chance to join a group of Major League Front Office members for a few games of bowling at the local Sarasota lanes.
To be quite honest, I have never been a great bowler.  Not even on the WII video game system do I stand out as a top bowler among my peers.  When I was in my early teens, I was with my friends Mark and Lenny, and we were once beaten by a seven year old bowling, while playing with bumpers!  But something this night just felt right, and I knew I was in for a special game.  During game three of the four game set I started off with a strike, and the magical game was on.  After missing the spare in the second frame, I came back to pick up an easy spare on frame three.  Then, from frames four through eight, I hit five straight strikes. I was in a grove, feeling it and not wanting to stop.
During the streak of strikes I felt like a pitcher in the middle of a no hitter, as I knew everyone was staring, but no one wanted to say much.  In the back of my mind, all I could think of was to finish strong and collect my first ever 200 game.  In all came to a crashing halt as I picked up seven pins on a split on frame nine.  I went for something crazy, and got nothing on the next roll.  Frame ten was just as bad as I picked up another seven split.  I did the math and knew that I had to spare the final frame for a 200 game, so I went for it all, and failed.
I received a bunch of high fives for my 196 game, and for some reason, instead of being thrilled, I was mad at myself for not getting the 200, even though this was by far my best game ever.  As I was taught years ago by Coach Huggins, I am “never satisfied.”
In the end, I was very pleased with my four games overall, averaging over 141 pins.  My team won the overall pin count 1,779 to 1,456 in a four game sweep.  I can already tell that I will be a little sore in the next few days.

Hey Mr. Garfield, you ready for a game??

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  1. michael kriston says:

    Home sick today, watching the korea-japan game(assuming this is south korea, since I’m not sure that N korea would be allowed to play baseball)
    This almost seems like a soccer game to me-during the bottom of the fourth, the japanese fans were singing the entire bottom of the inning.

    I found it strange – it was more like watchong soccer than baseball

  2. Aaron S. says:

    Congrats Corey!

    I want to get in on this game between you and mr. Garfield in the future.

  3. ERB says:

    Does this run in your family? You do know I’ve had at least three 200 games!

  4. b says:

    Solid score sir! Sounds like fun, you know Im always down for a game…

    (from the your score card looks like you didn’t split in the 9th, the circle in the 10th denotes the split, I wasn’t there but ill bet that you left the head pin the 9th which means it didn’t qualify as a split rather as a “washout”?)

  5. b says:

    cincy baseball note: i believe griffey has bowled a high game of 263 and i have herd brandon phillips has a perfect 300?

  6. Corey says:

    Yep, my mother is a GREAT bowler…Must be a lefty thing…

  7. Corey says:

    Aaron, do you think we could get this match on national TV??

  8. Corey says:

    Hey, if you are going to be sick, watching baseball all day is sure a great thing to do! I do agree with you that some of the “international” atmospheres in baseball are quite different. I always get a kick out of some of their uniforms and all the logos and ads on them. But, it must be working over there as Japan and Korea have claimed the last WBC and Olympics respectively. Get better…


  9. Corey says:

    I can’t lie, you got me on the “washout” and I was so upset I have no idea if I left the head pin…I can tell you that my fingers hurt today from bowling so much. Having fat fingers sucks because I can never find a ball with huge holes.

    Also don’t know about the “Reds bowling” but might do a little research on that one.

  10. michael kriston says:

    Bottom of the 8th

    Netherlands-puerto rico game

    As the pitcher for the netherlands is delivering the pitch, there’s some a-hole blowing an air horn as he is releasing

    That’s not sportsmanship–if that’s the way they play baseball in other countries, I don’t like it

    Also, I really don’t like the way puerto rico has a big best buy logo on the jersey

  11. Corey says:

    Air horn? Just wrong…i was watching the game on mute as I do other things…Netherlands has two Cincinnati Reds Farm hands on it…

    Agree the logos are bad on these uniforms…

    Something else that is real bad, the stores and internet charges $35 for each WBC hat…way to much…

  12. michael kriston says:

    Yup, air horn

    I’d like to think here in the states that we’d have kicked the crap out of him and tossed him out of the stadium, irregardless if he was rooting for the home team
    I would have liked to see them pull that game out
    35 for a hat?
    That’s ridiculous!I think the hat I picked up this summer when team usa cam thru was the same hat they were wearing, so I might have gotten lucky in that respect

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