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Sarasota Cincinnati Reds Backfields

Sarasota Cincinnati Reds Backfields

The picture above may not look like much of anything, but it is a very important structure to the Cincinnati Reds.  At the baseball complex in Sarasota, Florida the minor leaguers have four fields at their disposal that they use for camp and games.  The four fields are all next to each other and home plates of each back up to one another, forming a sort of box.  Sitting in the middle of these fields is a raised platform overlooking the fields.

At any given time during minor league games, or drills, many important decision makers for the Cincinnati Reds can be found on this platform.  The Cincinnati Reds Scouts, Farm Director, minor league coordinators, or even pieces of the major league staff can be seen up top evaluating players talent or critiquing what is going on down below.
All throughout professional baseball, spring training is utilized like a tryout, as all players in camp are displaying their skills to make a certain roster within the organization.  The number of players that each club brings in across baseball varies, but the goal is all the same, to set up each affiliate with the best talent that can develop into great players to help the major league club.

Like any tryout, cuts will happen.  The Major League Club will reassign players down to minor league camp, and the minor league staff may release a number of players.  Typically, more players are brought to camp than roster spots available.  And the concrete platform sitting between the four back fields is where some of the decisions are made.

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  1. Greg says:

    Hi Corey,

    Wow, this blog is really great! I’m from Louisville, so I know a lot about the reds minor leaguers (Go Bats!), and I have a few questions, could you please answer when you have time. It seems as though there are way to many outfielders that deserve to be at AAA. Darnell Mcdonald, Laynce Nix, Drew Stubbs, Drew T. Anderson, Shaun Cumberland, Micheal Griffin, Danny Dorn, and I read that Adam Greenburg will start there too. Are any of these guys going to be cut? Has anyone been cut?

  2. Corey says:

    Thanks for your kind words…I have been having fun with this and glad you enjoy it. Been trying to figure out the best way to get the word out to people, so hopefully it will spread.

    I have been to Louisville several times for games and have always enjoyed it. I can also say from working with them, that it is a great coaching staff down there. I also spend a lot of time during spring training with the guys that will be in AAA since their lockers are closest to the office i sit in during the day. All seem to be great guys and I think the roster will be stacked and compete for a championship again.

    You are right that it seems like there are to many outfielders for the AAA roster. It appears that a few of the guys you listed will start in AA and see what shakes out.

    Also, McDonald and Nix are still in big league camp for the time being.

    Cuts have not happened yet in minor league camp, but rumor is they are coming real soon. Just to many guys for the number of roster spots available throughout the organization.

    Thanks again for your comments, and feel free to ask anything else that is on your mind…


  3. Greg says:


    Do you know which will start at AA? I’m guessing Cumburland, Dorn/Griffen, and Greenburg. Please post when roster cuts occur!

    Thanks again!

  4. Greg says:

    Oh, and also, how did cumburland get an at bat friday in the reds game?I though he was with minor league camp? And do you know if the Reds/Reds Future game will be shown on FSN Ohio, or some other station you can get in Louisville? Thanks!

  5. Corey says:

    Griffin has been getting playing time mostly at 2B so far this spring. It is perfectly normal for players to work out or play games with the AAA squad one day, and then AA the next, and in the end that doesn’t mean much. Cumberland has been playing mostly only AAA games and Greenberg has played both so far.

    Still no roster cuts at all anywhere.

    You bring up a great point about Cumberland playing in the Big League game and I am going to write a piece on that subject, probably Tuesday. He did get an at bat for the Reds, but is still in Minor League camp.

    Haven’t heard about the futures game being televised, but I will look into and see. My guess is possible radio in Dayton, which you can catch on internet.


  6. Corey says:

    The Reds made their first cuts yesterday in minor league camp letting about eight guys go. This round of cuts was all younger players who have not appeared above low A ball. With the amount of players still in camp more cuts are most likely to come as the major leagues continues to send players down. More games today against the Minnesota Twins minor leagues…

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