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Notice anything strange?  Could not fit the 10 runs scored in 3rd inning on the board

Notice anything strange? Could not fit the 10 runs scored in 3rd inning on the board

If I were asked to describe a perfect day for myself, today would be very close.  I started the day off with a short workout, followed by an afternoon Major League Baseball Spring Training game, and topped it off with a Division 1 NCAA College Basketball game.  Let me go to the movies with a large popcorn and Diet Coke to finish off the evening and I would be ready for heaven.

The Houston Astros found out how one bad inning can cost a team a baseball game.  The Astros allowed the Tampa Bay Rays to score 10 runs in the bottom of the third inning, and it proved the difference as they want on to win 12-2.  A crowd of 5,524 grew restless at Charlotte Park, as Houston pitching could not find the strike zone.  Astros reliever Sammy Gervasio walked three straight batters, not even coming close to the strike zone.  Manager Cecil Cooper quickly replaced him with Polin Trinadad who immediately walked the next batter to force in a run.  Three more hits, three more runs and the flood gates were opened.  By the end of the inning, the Rays had put up a 10 spot.

Tampa starter Jeff Neimann worked three innings, striking out five only allowing one run on two hits, a very impressive outing for the 6 foot 9 inch youngster.  Starting shortstop Jason Bartlett collected three hits to lead the way.

-    Hooters girls were again at the game passing out flyers and beer coupons.
-    The Charlotte Snow Crabs of the Florida State League will be playing at Charlotte Park this season. There were lots of in game ads and promotions to get fans interested.
-    The umpires were escorted right through my section beyond third base to take the field.
-    The weather seemed typical, extremely hot in the sun and freezing in the shade.
-    Tampa Bay wore their blue batting practice jersey’s with their home batting practice hats.
-    Houston wore their red batting practice jersey’s with their black batting practice hats.
-    The crowd was of a good size, announced at 5,524, but it seemed very quiet throughout.
-    Dunkin Donuts sponsors each double and gives out free cups of coffee.
-    The Tampa Bay dugout is down the first base line.
-    The visiting clubhouse is in right field beyond the stadium.
-    Rays outfielder Carl Crawford was recruited as an option quarterback for Nebraska and a point guard for UCLA, but choose to sign with the Rays.
-    The best line of the day came during the very long bottom of the third, when a fan yelled out, “Hurry up! We need to catch the early bird.”

STADIUM QUIRKS- Charlotte Park
-    Charlotte Park is the former home of the Texas Rangers, and has been empty for a few years.  It underwent a $26 million renovation and is quite nice and fan friendly.
-    Parking at the stadium is onsite, and not to far of a walk to the front gate.  They charge $7.
-    There are three main gates at the stadium to enter, first base, third base, and the larger one behind home plate.
-    Security makes everyone remove their caps before entering the gate to check for people hiding Twinkies. Ok, I lied about the Twinkies, but they do check under each hat.
-    There are five backfields at the complex.
-    A large cage is located next to the stadium in right field.
-    BATTLE OF THE SODAS: Pepsi, seems to be taking a big lead.
-    There was working WIFI at the stadium which was great during the many pitching changes.
-    No food or drinks are allowed into the park.
-    There are two berms in the Charlotte park, located in left and right field.
-    The bullpens are separate and located behind the outfield wall.
-    The kettle corn sold at the stadium is legit! I ate the entire bag for lunch.
-    Chick filA and Quiznos’ are sold at the concession stands.
-    Charlotte Park had one of the nicest stadium souvenir stores.
-    Pretty funny to see freshly planted palm trees at this renovated stadium.
-    From foul pole to foul pole in the outfield is called the “Baseball Boardwalk” and is a very nice area where fans can stand or sit on bar stools to watch the game.
-    On a personal note, this was my final stadium that I needed to visit and have completed them all in the Grapefruit League.  I am very pleased with myself to have done this in only two years.
usf-bulls-uc-finalSophomore guard Dominique Jones scored 30 points, as the University of South Florida overcame a seven point second half deficit to defeat the Cincinnati Bearcats 70-59 at the Sun Dome.  The ‘Cats led by five at the break and extended the lead to seven before the Bulls took the game over.
The win gave South Florida their ninth victory of the season and just fourth in the conference in 17 tries.  The loss dropped the Bearcats to 18-12, 8-9 in the Big East and all but ended any hope of an NCAA Tournament bid.
A rare site in college basketball as three players played the entire 40 minutes of the game, UC’s Deonta Vaugh, and USF’s Jones and Chris Howard.  The Bearcats return home for senior day on Saturday to host Seton Hall.

-    The Cincinnati Bearcats wore their black adidas uniforms for the game with black warm-ups.
-    The South Florida Bulls wore their home white adidas uniforms.
-    All of the basketball seniors were honored before the game.
-    The senior support staff members (cheerleaders, dance team, band, etc) were honored during halftime.
-    The Sun Dolls performed a pretty good routine at half time followed by a group of younger girls, probably 10-13, doing a cheerleading act.
-    Although most UC fans should not agree, some funny things were yelled by South Florida fans during the later moments of the game.
o    “We finally win a game! Thanks Cincinnati.”
o    “You need Huggie Bear”
o    “Where is Coach Huggins when you need him Mick?”
o    “Hey Bearcats, at least you have skyline to go home to.”
o    “Ha Ha. Now you have to go home and freeze.”
o    The Band and students chanted “Warm up the bus,” as they jiggled their keys.

-    I already covered everything during the USF-WVU game on Sunday, so please check that post.
-    The attendance was announced at 4,068 people, but the Sun Dome seemed incredibly loud during the second half when USF made a huge run.

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