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For many colleges basketball teams across the country tonight will feel like the weeks leading up to High School Senior Prom.  You think you are smart enough, good looking enough, and gosh darn it, people like you. But will you get that much desired date to the dance?
The world sits and waits for the 6:00 PM announcement of the 2009 Division I NCAA Tournament bracket so the Road to the Final Four in Detroit, Michigan can begin.  Some teams already know their fate, as winning the conference tournament earned them an automatic bid, but some schools are biting their nails to see if they will be invited to the dance and have a chance at a National Title.
Teams can only stare at Joe Lunardi’s “Bracketology” and study the RPI computer rankings for so long. It is anyone’s guess as to the field of 65 and the placement of the teams. But one thing is for sure, March Madness is here again.
I ask, is there really a better time of the year? Basketball fan or not, it does not get much better than this…
Come April 6th in Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, one team will stand above them all and celebrate their “One Shining Moment,” as they cut the down nets.

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