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At 4:30 AM on Thursday, March 5th 2009, the first pitch was thrown in the World Baseball Classic with China taking on Japan in the First Round of Pool A from the Tokyo Dome, in Tokyo Japan.
Do you like the WBC?  If not, could any change is scheduling or formats make it something you would like?

Personally, I do like this event.  I always feel that playing for your country has a different feeling then playing on any professional team.  I am not crazy about the timing of it and taking players away from spring training, but cannot figure out a better solution right now.

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  1. Aaron S. says:


    You think Cueto and Volquez are going to be at a disadvantage this year after playing in the WBC? I really hope these young guns dont get overworked for the upcoming season where they are going to be relied on so much to perform….

  2. Corey says:

    That is a great question. I have spoken to a few coaches and players on this exact subject, and found that almost all think this will only have a positive effect. I was told that mentally, you get more prepared for the season with some meaningful competition playing for your country and trying to win a championship. Most players told me that spring training can get “old and boring,” especially in minor league camp where you are not playing in front of fans. I asked about fatigue and over working players, especially pitchers, and was told that everyone is on a strict pitch count.

    I agree, the Reds young pitching will be a HUGE key to their success.


  3. michael kriston says:

    I just wonder about the pros sometimes….
    I’m sure they have fun, and play their hearts out, but at some point I feel like the money taints it-and I don’t feel as though the WBC is as respected as the olympics, I almost look at it as a way to get more money out of my pocket

    When team usa came thru this summer on their way to china and played at the durham bulls park it was a lot more “playing for your country” in my opinion

  4. m says:

    I think the WBC is nice. Nothing to take you hats of to just yet, I guess it’s only in its infancy being as it’s only the second go at it… it does have its upsides. WBC allows professional athletes a chance to represent their country unlike the Olympics and the world baseball cup who limit their rosters to minor leaguers but I think that it’s still lacking in overall appeal, at least here in the US. It’s greatly hindered by the buzz of spring training, the end of the college basketball season and upcoming March Madness, but there is probably no better spot on the calendar for it?

    Side note: seeing as Baseball has been dropped from the world stage at the 2012 Olympics in London who knows…

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