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My good buddy Andy attended a game this weekend at the newly renovated Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals.  I have been there for a game, but looking forward to going back to see the updates and improvements that they have made.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and description of Andy’s experience at the game.  I know Trent will enjoy hearing good things about his favorite team!!

From Andy:

Went to the New K today.  Honestly, it may have been one of the best baseball experiences I’ve ever had.  Sure, there may have only been 13,000 fans there.  But I was thoroughly impressed with the renovations of Kauffman Stadium.  The Royals have done a great job of making it family friendly while still keeping it a place to see a ball game.

First and foremost, there are no bad sight-lines.  Had a great view of the field from everywhere.  Purchased the cheapest ticket available and walked the stadium.  As we walked in, two separate ushers stopped us asking if it was my daughter’s first game.  They sent us to Customer Relations where she received a certificate welcoming her as an officials Royals Fan.  Cheap little piece of paper but you should have seen my 3 year old glow.

Hit a family restroom in the 3rd inning.  The place was spotless. Hit the same restroom after the game; still spotless!!!

The best part was the outfield experience. Right centerfield had standing room only.  “Standing” was between the outfield fountains and the fence.  Felt like I was right on top of the field – probably because I was right on top of the fence.

The scoreboard is certainly done right.  Does a great job of keeping stats on both pitchers, who’s up, what they’ve done through out game, etc.  HD graphics; how did I ever get by without you.

The outfield concourse is phenomenal.  Miniature golf, an arcade, timed running down the first baseline, batting cages, speed pitch, a playground, wiffleball stadium, and of course, a tractor (which my daughter was really into).  Of course, as a baseball “purist,” I came to watch the game.  The nice thing is that when my kids got fussy and needed to visit the outfield amenities, there were 50” plasmas all over the place televising the game.


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