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sharpie After being hired in 2008 as a head clubhouse and equipment manager, I was immediately sent to Sarasota, Florida to work spring training, mainly looking over players and staff in minor league camp.  Having very little background in baseball, I was eager to soak up as much information as I could to get ready for the minor league season.
The first day that I reported to the Spring Training Complex I was taught a valuable tip that seemed minimal at the time.  I was told by a fellow coworker that “A good clubbie (clubhouse manager) ALWAYS carries a Sharpie on him.” I was then handed a black Sharpie marker and told to hang on to it at all times.
I came to learn that baseball players label everything, from their bats and shoes to their hats and every piece of clothing that they wear.  And they never have a marker on them, so that is where I come in to offer mine at any time for usage.
The next problem that I came across is that I do not always have shorts on with pockets, so finding a place to put a Sharpie can get quite interesting.  I then decided to get the mini ones that come with a hook to keep on your key ring, something that worked out well.
When players ask for different colors of Sharpies is where I get in trouble.  At my desk I do have several different colors available, but do not carry them with me at all times.  The silver Sharpie is now becoming a favorite as it writes nice on black bats or the under bill of a hat.
It is always a nice argument whether you should get a baseball signed by a black Sharpie or just a normal ink pen.  With advice from my cousin Adam, I go with a blue ball point Papermate ink pen.
Who knew a simple Sharpie marker could mean so much?

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  1. DragonSlayer says:

    Hey Cory, Great site!!! I’m thinking about being a clubbie too. Do you have a visiting clubhouse guy???? I was wondering if I fit the mold? I’m a hard worker, money is not an issue, I love baseball, and like any team that plays against the Dragons!! I think it would be perfect fit! I have a box of Sharpies when could I start???


  2. mackdaddy says:

    two words .. over matched

  3. Corey says:

    Thanks for the kind words…Not really sure if there is a “mold” to be a clubbie, but is a tough job that not everyone can handle. Having a box of Sharpies is a really good start…

  4. ELB says:

    Why don’t you write about how a Sharpie can be washed in the washing machine and actually come out writing? Of course the clothes get ruined as well as the washer and everything else around.

  5. b says:

    Sharpie “Industrial” Markers solid uni marker to survive the wash. good option but a little more expensive

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