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bucaroos-at-pnc-park Up until the New York Yankees and New York Mets opened their new ballparks a few weeks ago, I could proudly tell people that I have attended at least one Major League Baseball game in all the current stadiums, along with a bunch of old ones that do not exist anymore.  I will not be able to see that until September, when I get a chance to head to New York for a few days.

Traveling around the country, I have seen many interesting and cool things at different parks.  Mostly for self enjoyment, I have taken notes and pictures of just about everything in each stadium.  If you look back a few of my old posts on this blog, you will see some stadium reviews that I did during Spring Training in Florida.

Later in the summer I plan on discussing and ranking my favorite stadiums in Major League Baseball, but wanted to share one of my favorite ballpark extras with you now.  PNC Park in Pittsburgh is home to the Pirates and is still considered a “newer” park.  So many great things are within this park, but my favorite is the “Bucarro’s” concession stand. This stand located on the third base line lower concourse is geared toward children.  The menu has lower prices and everything comes in the a smaller portion.  The highlight of this stand, which you can see in the picture, is that the front counter is lower so that kids of all ages can reach.

Parked out front of this concession stand is even a little condiment cart full of mustard, ketchup, straws and napkins.  To me, everything done at PNC Park is first class and top of the line, but the “Bucarro’s” stand is a definite highlight.

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  1. Andy says:

    I think your visit to Kauffman Stadium should be voided until you visit the New K. I’m not online to tell you it’s the best ball park. And by no means am I a Royals fan. Perhaps I’m just trying to coax you into a visit to my house and family (Payton still has a crush on you). But in reality, you shouldn’t pass judgment on the K until you have seen the renovations. It’s an entirely different experience.

    CTR swore to me for years the K was great; now it’s better.

  2. mackdaddy says:

    I hope Payton is a female

  3. Andy says:

    yeah but she’s 3 yrs old

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