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breakfast-bpProfessional Baseball players are creatures of habit. It’s also fair to say that most are superstitious in everything they do surrounding the game. For the most part during the week, games start around 7 pm, allowing players to fall into certain routines that they do.

Every once in a while the schedule is a bit different. Today, for instance, the Dragons play an afternoon game at home. The Sunday start time at Fifth Third Field is 2 pm, meaning a much earlier start to the day for the baseball players. They have to get up much earlier and begin to prepare their bodies for the game.

With afternoon games, batting practice can vary. In fact, some teams choose not to take it at all. One thing that doesn’t change no matter what time the game is, is that the players need to eat. Their pregame meal for an afternoon game consists of much different food than during the week. The spread has more of a breakfast touch to it, offering up milks and juices to drink, and bagels, cereal, Pop Tarts, fresh fruit, donuts and more.

Before the first afternoon game the Dragons had this season, one player told me how excited he was at the spread. “I’m going to ‘crush’ it because it looks so good, ” were his exact words. I take comments like that as a compliment that the guys were happy with my food choices. Thankfully that player was on the disabled list, so he could eat as much as he wanted without affecting his play.

Following today’s game against Cedar Rapids, the Dragons have an off day before starting a four game home stand with the South Bend Silverhawks.


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