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ANYTHING for the Mountaineers

Dedication? Paying $11.95 online to stream the West Virginia Mountaineers game and then finding an S-Video cord to hook the laptop up to a television.

That was me tonight as I went over my friends the Roberts house to watch WVU take on in state rival Marshall University. The game was being played in Charleston, WV and only available on local West Virginia cable, or by purchasing online. We decided that the ‘Eers were important enough to us to spend the money and set it up.

Computer hooked to tv

As you can see from the picture above, we were a bit nervous that it wasn’t working when we got this blank screen for 10 minutes.  Upon further research we saw that the women’s game before was running long, and delayed the start of the men’s game for a few minutes.

Things worked out great and we were able to watch the whole contest.  Marshall played well, made shots and hung tough, but in the end WVU was to much to handle.  I would do just about anything to watch the Mountaineers.  That is dedication…

Gotta love technology

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