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Eating in Atlanta, Georgia

After spending almost a month in Atlanta, Georgia, there were quite a few things that I realized.  Traffic is definitely worse in major cities and there never seems to be a reason why things get backed up at the times that they do.  I also laughed at the fact that cities in the south have no idea how to handle a little bit of snow.  But the biggest realization that I came to is that the food in Atlanta, is awesome!

My new rule is that when traveling and in different cities I will no longer visit a “chain restaurant” and want to try local cuisine.  I am not knocking the Applebee’s and Subway’s of the world, but I can get those anywhere. I want to eat at places I will not get at home or possibly anywhere else in the country.

I really appreciate all my family and friends in Atlanta taking me to some great places. I can honestly say that I did not have a bad meal during my entire stay.  I have chosen six establishments (in no particular order) that I visited that I wanted to share quickly with you.  I tried to take pictures of most of my meals and will give a brief overview of what I thought.

Please feel free to click on the comments section or email me at if you have ever visited any of these places and have an opinion or if you feel there are a major Atlanta hot spot that I did not cover.

Marietta Diner
The Marietta Diner was actually the final restaurant that I visited as I was on my way out of town heading north on 75 towards Cincinnati.  The diner is extremely easy to get to and right off Interstate 75, making it very convenient.  It is also essential for travelers as they are open 24 hours a day.

This diner was also featured on the food networks “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” hosted by Guy  Fieri.  This seems to draw a lot of traffic from interested customers.  Upon arriving at the Marietta Diner and being seated, you are handed one of the biggest menus that I have ever seen.  Breakfast is served 24 hours a day and there is something for everyone on the menu.

I split the feta cheese egg white omelet with home fries and a biscuit and Challah style French toast with my mom.  Both meals were very good and satisfied my hunger for the entire ride home.

We did not get anything, but there is a very large choice of desserts in the front case.   Each piece of cake is large and could feed a family of four. I will be trying one of those pieces of cake during my next visit to the Marietta Diner.

A very large menu

Feta Omelet and French Toast

One of the two dessert cases they offer

Sun in my Belly

The other breakfast place that I love to visit in Atlanta is Sun in My Belly.  There is only one main location in Atlanta located in Historic Kirkwood.  My grandparents were driving through Atlanta on the way to their winter home in Florida, so I choose this place to meet them.  The number one reason is because of the bacon that they serve, a favorite of my grandmothers.

The bacon that is served at Sun in My Belly is honey glazed, and to die for.  It is easily the best bacon that I have ever tasted in my life.  Each time that I have gone here to eat, I always get the omelet of the day, which is always different a very delicious.

There is a small bakery up front where they sell desserts and the few that I have had are excellent.  When asking around the city about places to eat breakfast in Atlanta, most residents tell me that Sun in My Belly is a “great kept secret” and is always fantastic.

Yogli Mogli

Everyone loves a good dessert following a meal, and usually ice cream or frozen yogurt makes the perfect finishing touches.  But I felt the Yogli Mogli was so good, that I could make it my meal, which I did one day.

Yogli Mogli is located in East Cobb, just 15 minutes or so from downtown Atlanta, and serves nothing but frozen yogurt.  What makes this place even better, is that it is self serve, allowing you to pick what you want, and how much of it.

According to the website, Yogli Mogli offers 30 different flavors of yogurt, but only 16 are offered at any one time.  After filling up your cup with as much yogurt as you want of any flavor that you want, you move to the toppings bar, filled with tons of options.  When finished, you pay by weight and it is time to eat!

After my cousins took me for my first trip, I feel in love and had to return several more times.  My favorite combination was the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies & Cream with various toppings.

Also according to the website, there are four more locations that are set to open in the Atlanta area.  This was my first visit to a self serve yogurt shop, and I highly recommend this one.

Yogli Mogli

Start with an empty cup...

...Then choose as many as you want from the 16 different flavors...

...and top it off with anything that you would like!

One of my finished good...


It has been voted the best burger in Atlanta several times over, and has even received recognition across the country.  So visiting the Vortex Bar and Grill is a must stop for me every time I arrive in Atlanta.  This establishment has even been spotted on Man vs. Food on the Food Network.

You need to click on the website link and check out the menu to truly get the variations of burgers that are served at the Vortex.  My most recent visit I had the Tasmanian Devil Burger, with is pepperberry rub, pepperjack cheese and pineapple salsa. I usually get tater tots on the side, but this time I decided to fried plantains.  The other burger pictured below is the Yokohama Mama Burger, with special teriyaki glaze, jack cheese, and a ring of grilled pineapple.

I like to visit the Little Five Points Location and walk through the scary skull to get into the restaurant. There is also a location in Midtown, which I have not visited yet.  If you like a good hamburger, do yourself a favor and visit the Vortex.

Entering the Little Five Points Vortex

Tazmanian Devil Burger

Yokohama Mama Burger

Vortex Atmosphere

Holy Taco

I am not complaining at all, but most restaurants in Atlanta carry a lot of tacos, be it fish, beef, chicken or whatever.  But some of the best tacos I found were at Holy Taco in East Atlanta.  The menu has about nine different styles and allows you to order them ala carte, so you can try different types.

I decided to go with one fried tilapia taco and one beef brisket. They were served on a corn tortilla, and plenty filling for me.  I felt the chips and salsa were average at best, but with these tacos I didn’t need much more.

Fantastic Tacos on corn tortilla

Chips and Salsa were average

Tin Lizzy Cantina

There is a good chance that the Tin Lizzy Cantina gets my vote for best meal in the city of Atlanta. Everything from the atmosphere to the food was fantastic.  The two appetizers that we ordered of fried jalapenos and chips and salsa were so good, that I was full before my meal arrived.  They could be the best chips I have ever had, and could not find the will power to stop eating them.

The menu offers 20 different types of tacos, but I decided to go with a Tin Skillet, which was grilled chicken served over veggies and cheese in an iron skillet. Simply amazing does not do it justice.

There are currently two locations, one in Grant Park and one in Buckhead, with a location in Midtown under construction.  During the summer, the Grant Park location offers roof top seating which is supposed to be very nice.

Best Chips and Salsa ever!

Fried Jalapenos

Tin Skillet

My mouth is watering writing about these six establishments and makes me want to drive back to Atlanta now for dinner!  And it is hard to believe things could get any better, but almost every restaurant in Atlanta has Coke products, which makes me very happy!

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    Looks like you ate well down there. Gain any weight, Corey?

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    Lets just say I am spending A LOT of time at the gym the next few weeks…and yes, I ate VERY well…

  3. randy miller says:

    hi Corey

    hope your still not angry with me

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