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Fear the Beard!!

Kansas State Wildcat point guard Jacob Pullen is playing as well as any player in the country.  He is averaging almost 19 points a game in leading his team to a current 23-4 record and number six ranking in America.  But he does have one problem off the court, a struggle between listening to two people telling him what to do.

One of those people is teammate Curtis Kelly, standing at six foot eight inches and around 250 pounds, largely towering over Pullen and his barely six foot frame.  The other corner stands the number one women in his life, his mother.  As Pullen listens to both of them on opposite ends of the same argument, so far he has listened to Kelly and the rest of his K-State teammates.

Being with the first day of class in September, Pullen has been growing a beard.  Although he has had to have some help trimming it over the last few months, Pullen has not shaved it off.  It has been adopted as a good luck charm for Pullen and the entire KSU Basketball Family.  The slogan around the country has become, “Fear the Beard.”

In a recent interview, Pullen talked about how his teammates refused to allow him to shave.  “Curt (Kelly) won’t let me,” Pullen said.  “I was going to do it when I went home (for Christmas break).  He said if I came back without a beard, they were going to put me in the trunk.”

As much as the Manhattan community, and Wildcat fans love the beard, is as much as Pullen’s mother Charlotte dislikes it.  Charlotte has gone on record as saying she “doesn’t care for the facial hair,” and joked about shaving it off when Jacob was sleeping over Christmas break.  Before going home, Jacob said he might “sleep with a mask on.”

Luckily for everyone, Pullen returned to campus after the Christmas break with the beard intact, and has continued his hot play throughout the Big 12 Conference season.  Fans have become so attached to the beard that students have begun to grow them or at least wear a fake one during games.  Some of Pullen’s Wildcat teammates have also tried to grow a beard to help their own personal play.

I think it is fair to say that Pullen will not be shaving for a while, hopefully until at least mid April when the team gets home from the Final Four in Indianapolis.

On a recent trip to Manhattan, Kansas to see the Wildcats for a few games, I decided to also join in on the fun, and grow my own “Pullen Lucky Beard.”

I still remember being in The Little Apple four years ago when Pullen was with his dad on his recruiting visit to campus.  Although I only see him once or twice a year, he always smiles when he sees me.  When seeing Pullen this trip, he told me he was a bit jealous of me, because I “could grow the top part of the goatee on the beard and he was unable to do that.”  My response, “I am a bit jealous that you can hit a few three pointers in a row, and I am unable to do that.”

Jacob and Me in the locker room sporting our beards

Head Coach Frank Martin wears a fake beard during a post-game interview

Fear the Beard!!

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