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New Website Features

If you are a frequent visitor to then you probably noticed the new design that was launched a few weeks ago, with many new and fresh options.  If you are new to visiting this site, than welcome. But whatever category that you fall in, thanks for viewing and I hope you continue to come back and check out all the new and original content that I bring to the table.  There are many exciting things planned, but I first wanted to share with you some things about the new site and its features.

The first thing I would like to talk about is the “Top Bar” of the webpage that is pictured above.  On the top left of the page is the word “home.”  From wherever you are in the webpage, clicking this button will bring you back to the main page of the screen.  All the way on the right is an easy way to contact me via email (or you can use

The next line is four tabs, which currently are where all of my articles are categorized. If you feel like sorting by a certain topic, feel free to click on any one of those listed.

On the right column of the page are a bunch of new items that I have added to the site.  The very top one is a search bar, allowing you to search through my page by keyword for any articles.  For example, you may want to read about everytime I talked about Kansas State Wildcat basketball. Therefore, you type in Kansas State, hit search and all of the corresponding articles will appear.

The next item in the sidebar is my Twitter feed, and the five most recent comments that I have made.  If you don’t know what Twitter is, I will be posting an article solely on this in the near future. If you are on Twitter, please feel free to follow me at Coreybrinn or consitenly check out the right side of this page as it will load the posts immediately after I Twitter.

When the baseball season starts up, starting with Spring Training, I plan on Twittering on a normal basis about all kinds of information for you to enjoy.

Following the sidebar downwards, shows the next bit of information, quotes.  This is a running collection of famous quotes, mostly having to do with baseball, but also touching on other ones that I have liked over the years.  This runs in flash, meaning every 20 seconds or so the quote will rotate without you having to refresh the page.  I only have a few added now, but will be adding them quite frequently.

The next box of the sidebar is a drop down menu for the archived articles on the website.  By clicking on the down arrow, you will be able to pull up a certain month to read the collection of articles.  Following the date, it tells you how many posts were made during that given month.

All of the recent comments that were made on any of the posts on the website are listed in the next section.  You can click on any of the ones listed to see what readers of this page had to say.

As you may have noticed, each article on the website is displayed in a chronological order going down the page no matter what category you are in.  But unlike the old design, the entire article is not shown.  What you are seeing is the first few lines of a given article, with a thumbnail picture also.  Under that text for each post, is a “continue reading” box.  Please click on that box to take you the entire article to read.  In the upper right corner of each article on the main page, you will see a balloon, showing how many comments have been made for the given post.

The final item that I wanted to point out is on the very bottom of the page.  They are a collection of pictures that I will be posting via Flickr.  Only nine pictures will show at a time, and only the most recent ones that I have posted. Click on any of the pictures and it will bring you to my Flickr page where you can look through them all.

Hopefully you are enjoying the new design to my site, and again, I thank you so much for visiting.  I look forward to checking my stats each morning on how many hits and view I receive each day.  If you have any comments, please feel free to add them below or email me at I would like to make this site as fan friendly as possible and add anything that the readers will enjoy.

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