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Time to Light the Torch!!

I am not really sure why, but I don’t like the Olympics, I love them! There is just something about the best athletes in the world in their given sport competing against each other at the highest stage. There is just something about countries around the globe rallying together to prove that they are the best at a certain craft. And there is just something about standing, jumping and chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A,” at my television set.

To be quite honest I don’t lean one way or another towards the Winter or Summer Olympics. Obviously a lot bigger, the Summer Olympics offers more medals, more events and a little more of a hectic schedule. The Winter Olympics is much smaller in size for athletes and events, and allows the public to get to know the athletes a bit better and see more of their stories.

Of course my first priority this evening will be watching West Virginia Basketball at Pittsburgh in the “Backyard Brawl,” but I will also have an eye on the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in Vancouver. Each opening night, the host country tries to outdo the last as the Olympic Flame is lit in the main stadium. The shows are usually elaborate and creative and a great way to start the Winter Games as each country parades their athletes in for the world to see.

Hard to explain, but I fall in the category that a lot of the country does when admitting they have fallen in love with curling. Who knew that watching men and women push a 46 pound stone down an ice covered shuffle board court could be so fun? I hope to one day be able to try to play, whether it be pushing the stone or grabbing a broom and sweeping the same spot as fast as I can.

Another favorite of mine is watching snowboarding, whether it be the halfpipe, the cross, or downhill slalom. I marvel at these athletes that are able to twist and turn multiple times in the air, something I can only dream of.

I go into these Olympic Winter Games with high expectations. I am leaning on NBC and all of its sister stations do to a great job on coverage, and keep me entertained and informed for two weeks. I am counting on finally being able to watch the events live due to only a three hour time difference. And I am assuming the United States of America will put on a great showing, win a large number of medals and place some new athletic heroes on the cover of Wheaties.
U-S-A! U-S-A!

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