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Youtube Sensation Denis Clemente

The Kansas State Wildcats Men’s Basketball team is having one of their best finest seasons in recent history.  Head Basketball Coach Frank Martin has KSU ranked in the Top 10 in the nation and in the hunt for the Big 12 Regular Season Championship.  A lot of the team’s success can be attributed to Senior Point Guard Denis Clemente with his blazing speed, and ability to score the basketball.  Clemente is getting recognition throughout the country not only for his play on the court, but for a shot he made off the court.  Clemente was kind enough to sit down with and answer a few questions about this Youtube sensation.

Please watch the video below and read what Clemente had to say.  How many times have you attempted the shot off the scoreboard before you were successful?

Denis Clemente:  I made the shot on my second attempt of the day.

CB:  When you knew it was on video, did you think it would become such a national story and reach so many outlets with so many views?

DC:  I didn’t think it would go crazy like it did across the country.  It has been fun talking about it with everyone.

CB: Rumor is you hit this same shot several times that day.  Any truth to it?

DC:  I did make the shot twice that day. After the first one, it took several more attempts to be able to get it on video.

CB: Who would win if you took on Lebron James in a game of HORSE, where only “trick shots” were allowed?

DC:  It would be tough to say who would win because Lebron has got so many good ones that I have seen.  But I also have a lot of good ones that are not on camera.

CB: Do you have any other trick shots that you can constantly make?

DC:  Oh yes, but I am keeping them all a secret for the next video.

CB:  What is your best or favorite shot that you have hit during a game in your playing career?

DC:   I hit a half court shot in a High School game.

CB:  With having a Hall of Famer like Roberto Clemente in your family tree, how big has the game of baseball been in your life?

DC:  Baseball is the first sport that I played growing up.  It was all around me in Puerto Rico and everyone seemed to play at some point.

CB:  During the baseball season, I work with the Cincinnati Reds.  Our 2008 first round pick was Yonder Alonso from Miami University.  While spending time at Miami together, and both being of Latino descent, what type of relationship did you two share?

DC:  Yonder and I are from two different cultures, him being Cuban and myself from Puerto Rico.  But none the less, we spent a lot of time together and we are like brothers.

Thanks again Denis and good luck down the stretch this season.

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