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Opening Day of the NCAA Tournament

Today is by far one of my favorite days of the year.   I consider this a border line National Holiday.  Few things in this world can beat the opening day of the NCAA Tournament.  When the first game tips at noon on the third Thursday in March, the race is on to the National Championship and “The One Shinning Moment.”
Things have changed a bit the last few years, as the tournament technically opens on Tuesday night, with the 64th and 65th teams in the “play in” game in Dayton, Ohio for the right to face a number one seed.  But for me, the Thursday is the official opening day.
Growing up, I always had my parents write me a note to get out of school that Thursday, and Friday, to make it home in time for the first game to tip.
As I got older, my buddies, mainly Dan, and I would travel around the country to see as many games live as we could, sometimes being in different cities on consecutive days.  We have seen some magical moments in tournament history right before our eyes.
As I entered college, and a few years beyond that, I was lucky enough to sit on the bench with the Cincinnati Bearcats during the NCAA Tournament.
Those moments deserve a chapter all by themselves.
I do have one strange ritual that not many people understand when I tell it to them.  In all my years on this earth, I have never filled out a “bracket sheet” and I don’t plan to anytime soon.  For me, it takes the fun out of the tournament. Outside of seeing Kansas State and West Virginia going all the way this year, I want to sit back and watch 65 fantastic games, not having to worry about which teams to root for so my bracket does not get screwed up.  Just my personal opinion.
But as the tournament tips shortly, I will be glued to CBS for the coming weeks.  No matter what happens and who wins, there will be one thing for me that stays the same.  During the first Monday in April when one team cuts down the nets and CBS closes with “One Shining Moment,” there will be a tear in my eye.

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