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New Umpire Uniforms

If you attend any minor league baseball game this season, you may notice a slight change in the umpire crew’s attire. Each league across minor league baseball has dropped the league specific logos from the umpire’s uniforms for a standard logo for all to wear.

The hats of every umpire will carry the Minor League Baseball logo, instead of the league initials it had in the past. This allows the umpires to look more uniform across baseball and allow them to wear the same articles of clothing if they are asked to move around leagues.

The on-field shirts and jackets will also don the same Minor League Baseball logo on them, and have changed from a navy blue to a solid black.

The response from the few umpire crews that I have spoken with at Fifth Third Field have all been very positive as they like the new look. Next time you head to a minor league game, check out the new clothes being worn by each crew.

New hat

On field jacket

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