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Tommy Nurre’s promotion brings him close to home

Tommy Nurre was relaxing in his hotel room watching Jack Bauer try to save the world from a terrorist threat on the Fox hit show 24. He was tired from a long day of baseball in Extended Spring Training in Goodyear, Arizona with the Reds, but watching Bauer maneuver around New York City getting to the bottom of the case was too important to go to bed at that moment.

As the intensity was heating up in the show, Nurre’s cell phone began to ring. It was one of his coaches, Julio Garcia. He told Nurre that he needed to find a ride and report back to the Reds Complex, regardless of the hour as he was leaving. Nurre had just been promoted to the Dayton Dragons.

No longer concerned with the last 15 minutes of the show, Nurre went back to the Goodyear Complex to pack up his locker. He returned to his hotel at almost midnight, which was 3:00 am on the East Coast. He called his parents to tell them the good news, and tried to get some rest before his 7:00 am flight to Atlanta, and then on to Dayton.

Anxiety, nervousness and the realization that he was finally getting a shot bounced around Nurre’s head while he traveled all day long. He began to think about the 8,500 plus fans he would play in front of every night in Dayton, including his family and friends. As if Nurre needed any extra pressure, he grew up on the west side of Cincinnati, about an hour from Fifth Third Field. He played his college ball at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and grew up a lifelong Reds fan.

“I decided not to tell anyone that I got promoted except for my parents. I wanted to try to relax and settle in for a few days before everyone found and started to hound me for tickets. I got lucky that the Dragons only had two games at home before hitting the road,” Nurre said.

He tried to calm himself down as he approached the ballpark, telling himself this was the same game he had been playing all his life and not to get overwhelmed by the big crowd.

For the first two days in Dayton, the weather would not cooperate for the Dragons to take batting practice or infield practice outside. Nurre never got a chance to be on the playing surface before he had to take the field for the game.

In his first at bat as a Dragon, Nurre tried to relax and settle in at the plate. He was just trying to make solid contact and get into the swing of things when the pitcher decided to hang a curveball. Nurre took advantage of the mistake and hit it over the wall for a home run in his first at bat in Dayton.

“I didn’t know if I got all of it as I ran out of the box,” Nurre said. “But I had a huge sigh of relief when it cleared the wall. It was pretty awesome that my parents were also there to see it.”

To be a member of the Cincinnati Reds organization is something really special for Nurre. Growing up in Cincinnati, attending St. Xavier High School, he always dreamt of being a Red. It almost didn’t happen, as he was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers after his junior year at Miami. But he decided not to sign and return to school for his senior season before getting drafted by the Reds the next summer.

“I am having a great time here in Dayton,” Nurre said. “I am enjoying it all and trying not to be afraid to be successful. I want to get as many at bats as I can and help this team win.”

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