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I Love You Jay Bruce!!  Playoffs?!?!

There is no bigger sports hero in the city of Cincinnati right now than Jay Bruce. I still get chills thinking about what I witnessed last night.  Bruce hammered the first pitch he saw in the bottom of the ninth to centerfield and the Cincinnati Reds are 2010 National League Central Division Champions.

I have to tell the truth, I had tears in my eyes watching those guys jump around on the field.  As I will write about later, I have had so many connections to this team working within the Reds organization for three seasons and I couldn’t be happier for that group of guys.

Bring on October!! I can not wait for playoff baseball to return to the Queen City…I will not miss it for the world…

Players do a victory lap around the field

The Lap continues

These videos were taken from my seats of what the scene was like at the Great American Ballpark…

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  1. Murph says:

    Amazing… really wish i could have been there. Ask Nigel is he has pics from the locker room after the game to put up here!

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