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Cincinnati Reds Postseason Gear Part II

In case you missed it last week, I posted numerous pictures of available gear to celebrate the Cincinnati Reds 2010 National League Central Division Championship.  Click HERE if you missed it to see what first came out.

With the MLB Playoffs underway and the Division Series in full swing, I again searched the city to see what else I could find and what other gear was available for Reds fans to celebrate the Reds first Playoff berth in 15 years.  Due to a lack of funds, I have not been able to purchase it all, but wanted to bring it to you to see.

Antigua Golf Polo Shirt available at Reds Stadium Store. $70 each and available in Red and Black

New Era Stretch Fit Black Hat. Found at Cardboard Heroes in Kenwood Mall and nowhere else

Red New Era Adjustable hat available at the Reds Stadium Shop. Features both the Reds and Phillies logos on it

Black T Shirt made by Gear and features both the Reds and Phillies for their NLDS Matchup. Only seen at Reds Stadium Shop


This stuff is available there. You may have to click on the “Reds” tab in the store and not go through the “Playoff” section to see it all.

Reds Roster T Shirt. Dick's Sporting Goods had a different style than this one

Official NL Central Clubhouse T Shirt turned into this Grey Sweatshirt

Found this hidden on the website. A Reebok Fleece zip up jacket with Reds and MLB Postseason Logo

New Era NLDS Hat with both teams logos. Adjustable velcro on back

Cincinnati Reds Gold Reversible Coin by Highland Mint

The view from the main plaza at Great American Ballpark. The team hung the Central Division Banner  you see on the left the day after they clinched.


My Parents were out shopping this morning…

Nike Grey T Shirt available at Koch's Sporting Goods downtown

Both are New Era Stretch Fit...found at Koch's Sporting Goods downtown

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