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Target Field, Part Deuce

So my dad and I were unsure how to spend our last day in Minnesota.  The Twins had an afternoon game, so we decided to go downtown and eat and ask some ticket scalpers how much seats would cost for the sold out contest.  Being so close to game time, we were able to score two seats down the right field line for $15 each, way less than the $34 face value.  Little did we know that we were in the first row, since the tickets said row 11.  I was so close to right fielder Tony Batista I could of spit sunflower seeds on him.

The other advantage of the tickets were that they were someones season ticket that they resold. That got us access into the Metropolitan Club upstairs on the right field line.  For those of you familiar with Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, it is very similar to what is there with a the buffet option for fans.

Since I was in a few new areas of Target Field today, I thought I would bring you just a couple more pictures.  I board a plan tomorrow to come home and prepare for the National League Division Series.  I know for sure I will be at all home games, and still trying my hardest to find a way to make the road contests.  October baseball…I Live for This!

View from outside the Metropolitan Club

Metropolitan Club bar

Seating Area in the Metropolitan Club

Old memorabilia from Metropolitan Field where the Twins played before the Metrodome

View from my front row seat...Tons of leg room today

Heating lamps installed around the concourse really came in handy on todays cold game and will help in the Playoffs

Great way to end my three games at Target Field...Twins walk off win in the bottom of 9...

Crowd booed and cheered with each change of the score in the University of Minnesota game

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