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Happy Thanksgiving

I want to first wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.  If you are anything like me, you will probably overeat by a little bit today.  Funny thing is that the turkey, is probably my least favorite dish on the buffet today.  It is always nice to be able to spend holidays with family, but will be sad today as my sister and her husband will not be joining us in Cincinnati.  They are out at their home in Tuscon, Arizona, and look forward to visiting with them soon.

Instead of making the drive from Atlanta back to Cincinnati today, I decided to head to the airport and jump on the cheapest Airtran flight I could find.  I quickly found that all the national hysteria over the heightened security was nowhere to be found.  It appeared that every fifth person or so was pulled to go to the new “picture machine” that they have and I am not sure I saw anyone being “patted down”.

I was surprised to find the airport as crowded as it was just hours away from the Turkey Day feast, but I guess some people had the same idea I did to wait until the last minute to get a better deal.  But what happened to be next while on the plane was a first in my life.

Our full flight pulled out of the gate as the captain announced we were third in line for takeoff, and would be arriving into Dayton about 19 minutes early.  Then, the airplane started moving, but was pulling back towards the gate area.  Again the captain came on and said that we had a passenger that was on the wrong flight and wanted to get her off so that she do could spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Are you kidding me?  A passenger was on the wrong flight?  How in the world does that happen? So much for heightened security and checking everyone thoroughly.  People on the plane began to grown with displeasure as we pulled back in to let the lady off.

I am still puzzled as how this could happen.  The flight was full so how in the world did she get the one seat that no one else is in?  And how to the gate agent not notice the fact that she was boarding the wrong aircraft while scanning her boarding card before entering.

I do have to chuckle thinking of the scene in Home Alone 2 when Kevin McAllister gets on the wrong flight and heads to New York instead of Florida with his family.  While running to the gate he knocks all of the tickets out of the gate agents hand and just boards the plane anyways.

The coolest thing is that I am writing, and posting this entry 30,000 plus feet above the ground.  Airtran has free wireless internet on all flights this time of year and I thought I would take advantage of it.  It is amazing what technology can do today.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I am thankful to be pleased with great family and friends.

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