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Atlanta Comic Con 2010

Trying to explain the Atlanta Comic Con Convention to outsiders can be a bit of a challenge.  As I walked around the event yesterday at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, I began to wonder how I would explain this to friends, family and my blog readers.  For me, the event was divided into two major points, the booths selling Comic Books, toys and other random items and adults using the weekend as a second Halloween and good excuse to dress up as their favorite comic book characters and feel totally normal.

This pricey event travels around the country to all the major cities and stopped in Atlanta for a two day event.  The event is sponsored by Wizard World and also brings out a large number of celebrities trying to make an extra dollar selling photos with them or autographed items.

The Wizard World Comic Con Tour is described as “The largest pop-cultural festival to celebrate the best in comics, collectibles, movies, celebrities, toys, video games, tv, horror, wresting, music, anime, MMA, Manga, gaming, and more!”

When walking in the Cobb Galleria, you were meet with the ticket and registration booths. The cost was $30 for one day and $45 if you would like to attend both days.  Add on the fact that each celebrity charges additional money for a picture or signature, the day could get quite pricey.  Luckily, my buddy Mark knew an artist that had a booth and he got us in for free.

The right side of the exhibit hall was loaded with numerous booths selling mainly comic books and toys.  Had I been into reading comics, there appeared to be great deals on used and previously read stories.  I did have a great time looking at all of the toys, especially the vintage Star Wars stuff that I played with as a kid. (I swear I haven’t picked them up in years!)

Continuing on to the back on the exhibit hall were a large number of booths with local artists trying to sell their drawings and paintings.  Not my favorite section as there was some very obscure stuff.  Walking back up front to the middle was where all the stars were.

My favorite one to see was Billy Dee Williams who played Lando in the Star Wars Trilogy.  I few years older and couple of pounds heavier, but I can still picture him telling old friend Han Solo, “Why, You slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler.”

Another cool star was Ernie Hudson who played Winston in Ghostbusters.  He was even wearing his famous outfit that the team wore in the movie.  Other celebrities present were Henry Winkler “The Fonz,” Adam West (Batman), The Honkey Tonk Man from the WWF and Larry Thomas better known as the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

As you can see from my pictures below, plenty of “non” celebrities dressed up in costume to walk around the event.  There was also a large gaming area but people gathered to play Magic and Dungeons and Dragons.

All in all I had a fun time at the event, but felt it was very overpriced for what was offered.  Some people seemed to be spending a fortune after admission buying autographs and other items from the booth.

Please enjoy my pictures below.  Check back in a few days to see the greatest purchase EVER that our buddy Lenny bought and shared with the rest of us!

Entrance to Comic Con

Some highlighted celebrities

Free Program at the door...about the only thing free!

More celebrities present

Map of the show

Me and Darth Maul

Lenny, Johnny and some super heroes

Mark doing his best comic book character impression

Captain Jack Sparrow

Real WWF Belt, belonging to the Million Dollar Man

Mystery Mobile

Car from Knight Rider

Ernie Hudson as Winston

Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters

Ghostbuster Wanna Be

More superheroes

Gaming area, people playing Magic

Art area in the back


Super Hero Swords

Lots of Comics for sale

Overwhelmed with all the comics

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