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I admit it, I am an addict…

“Hello, My name is Corey, and I am a ‘Yogurtaholic.’”

“Hello Corey!”

“I have been two days sober but just know I will fall off the wagon within hours and give into temptation.  My last taste was amazing as I mixed three flavors and six toppings into one cup and it weighted about 14 ounces.  And I just can’t stop now because I only two stamps away from my free serving.”

You always hear the first step is to admit you have a problem.  Well, here I am, admitting that I am addicted to frozen yogurt.  And not just any frozen yogurt, but self serve frozen yogurt.  And not just any self serve frozen yogurt, but Yogli Mogli, the best I have found yet.

The concept is quite simple.   After entering the store you pick up a brand new paper dish and have 16 flavors to choose from.  You pull down the levers yourself, so how much and what kind is up to you. Some are creative to mix, but I usually take two or three different kinds in different sections of my bowl.

After you are satisfied with the amount of yogurt, you proceed to the toppings bar, which is loaded with goodies from cereal and candy bars to fresh fruit and multiple syrups.  Place your dish on the scale and pay the nice cashiers $0.39 per ounce.  Sit back and enjoy pure heaven.

The combinations of yogurts and toppings are endless and every visit seems like a fresh experience.  Yogli Mogli serves some seasonal flavors, like Egg Nog, Pumpkin or Peppermint, but even their “staple” flavors have been known to rotate.

In the Atlanta area I have tried about four or five different companies that serve this concept, but Yogli Mogli is by far my favorite.  I have even been known to drive out of the way to obtain this delicious treat.  I just can’t wait until my home city of Cincinnati gets one of these types of places open!

It might sound silly, but I do worry about gaining some weight eating so much frozen yogurt. Even though most of them are non-fat, I still have to be careful.  I can’t help but remember the Seinfeld episode that aired in 1993, titled “The Non-Fat Yogurt.”

In the show, Kramer invests in a new non-fat yogurt shop in New York that Jerry, Elaine, George and Newman frequent quite often.  Kramer notices that Jerry and Elaine have gained some weight, and they become suspicious of the yogurt’s contents and if it is really fat free.  Elaine then sends a sample to a laboratory for testing.

The test results come back and the yogurt does indeed contain fat, leading the store to close and leaving Newman one unhappy postal worker.

Anyways, my name is Corey and I have a frozen yogurt eating problem.  Guess I will have to just deal with it…

Step 1: Obtain a cup

Step 2: Decide which delicious flavors you would like

Step 3: Load with Toppings

Step 4: Put on the scale so you pay your yogurts weight

Step 5: Sit and Enjoy

Some locations have a party room

Most locations have outside seating

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