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I really did attend an NFL game, pictures to prove…

I received a few emails the other day following a few of my twitter posts (follow me @coreybrinn) about being at the Georgia Dome for an NFL game. I swear I wasn’t lying, I was really among the 75,000 watching the New Orleans Saints against the Atlanta Falcons. Although I don’t really enjoy the sport, I enjoyed the experience and the atmosphere.

Thinking back, it was my first professional football game since 1988 when I watched the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills battle for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.  Crazy I know, but it is the truth.  Just never grew up in a football family and had a desire to go.  I have been to a handful of college games over the years, just not the pros.

I knew very few of the players on both teams, but overall had a great time.  Football is the one of those sports where you can be sitting high up and away from the action and it is ok since the field is so big.  We were in the upperdeck, maybe 20 rows from the top just off the 50 yard line. But, the price was right (free) so I am not complaining at all.

I do not pretend to be a Bengals fan at all, even though they are from my home city, but something really bothered me that evening. The Saints slogan of “Who Dat,” that they scream all game long and wear proudly on their shirts.  To me, it is pure rip off of “Who Dey,” that the Bengals have used forever.  Cincinnati’s mascot is even named “Who Dey.”  I know they are a better football team, but what gives them the right to steal a slogan like that.

I can’t imagine it will be another 22 years before I attend another NFL game, but doubt it will become a regular thing.  Good times were had by all and I wish the Falcons good luck in the playoffs.  As Samuel L. Jackson reminded the fans 100 times during the game, “Rise Up Atlanta.”

It may have been a Monday night and cold, but tailgating was in full effect

Georgia Dome, been there for NCAA Basketball Tournament before

For some reason, always like these garbage cans

Got a "patdown" before I entered the dome

Pregame Warmups

Concourse downstairs

View from upstairs

View from my seats

Looking at other end zone

Always love the field logos

No idea what is going on...:)


Neon Deion...One of my favorites

Really cool halftime to honor the military

All units of the US military were represented

Post Game Handshakes

Proof I even stayed to the end!

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