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Old School Nintendo on my computer!?!?

If you actually read my entire blog post the other day about the Atlanta Comic Con, then thank you.  If you didn’t, you still should because it was interesting and the pictures are cool.  CLICK HERE to read it.  At the end of the post, I promised that in a few days time I would write about the greatest purchase ever.  Well, this entry is dedicated to that.

I would like to start by saying I have no idea how this is legal to create, sell or purchase, but my friends and I did anyways.  We figured if it could be sold at a National Convention like Comic Con, then something must be Kosher about it.  But if it is illegal, and the Feds are going to come knocking at the door, go to Lenny’s first because he paid for it!

For a mere $20, we were the proud owners of a computer disc that contained every Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game ever produced in the United States, Europe and even Japan.  In total, the disc contains 2,359 files of games, about 1,000 or so different ones.  The rest of the files are the same game from the different countries that are virtually the same thing.  When placed inside a computer, PC or MAC, you can choose any of these to play.  Graphics and levels are exactly the same as you remember playing back in the day.

I know you are probably rolling your eyes wondering how this is possible, and quite frankly, so am I.  But I have the disc in my hand and loaded on my computer so I know it is true.  It just shows how far technology has really come since 1985 and that all of those games fit on one CD, with still plenty of room to spare.

A little ashamed to admit, I have spent several hours playing some of my all time favorite games like all the Mario’s, Elevator Action, Boy and His Blob, Burgertime, Blades of Steel, Gauntlet, Tecmo Bowl and RBI Baseball just to name a few.  Scared to death to start The Legend of Zelda because I may never stop.

My buddy Lenny pointed out than as youths, these games cost about $50 a piece to buy, so this one little silver disc now contains almost $12,000 worth of product.  And without having to stand up to change the game we are able to flip through the endless library.

No more blowing on the console and the game to get it to work or tightening the cable to make sure the 8-bit graphics came in perfectly.  No more begging Mom and Dad to buy you another game because you had beaten the other ones ten times.  And no more trading and borrowing from friends to have something new to play only for them to be returned without the thick black plastic sleeve.

The hours and hours of original NES fun is continuing in my household.  I have even begun to hum some of the catchy game music.  Only question remaining is will the Contra cheat code work and did anyone really ever forget it?

A Boy and His Blob...just can't remember what all the jellybeans do

Super Mario Bros the original

One folder contains all those games!

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  1. michael k says:

    I actually fixed my old school 8 bit about 5 months ago. On eBay, they sell the pin that the cartridges fit into, for 8 bucks or so. Put in tysons punch out and remembered what I had been missing. Such a great game.

    0073735963 will get you to tyson, just dodge his lightning punches the first minute.

    Old school NES rules.

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