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Worst Coach in America? Bold Statement

As I begun to take journalism classes  in high school, I was taught by my teacher that there is no place for opinion in news stories.  Report what has happened using facts and try not to be biased or lead the audience.  My teacher said the place for opinions would be in personalized columns that my appear in each section, or the opinion section of the paper.

Covering sports over the years, it is hard to stick to the facts and not second guess an athlete or coach for a decision that was made on the playing field.  Having said this, my mouth dropped when reading a quote by Mark Bradley in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) considering the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Basketball team and Head Men’s Coach Paul Hewitt.

I have attended a few games the last few seasons with the my cousin Scott and his family and have started to follow the team closely.  It is obvious to everyone that they have struggled the last few seasons, continuing to take steps backward.  That was never more apparent this season’s with early losses at Kennesaw State and at Siena.

I laughed at a recent headline where the AJC called Hewitt, “The Wizard of Techwood,” a jab-comparison to the great John Wooden who was known as “The Wizard of Westwood.”  But the line that had my mouth drop was the opening one in the article.

“If Paul Hewitt isn’t the worst basketball coach in the country, it’s only because ours is a mighty big country.”

A bold statement, yes, but the way things are going may not be too far off. Having a strong background in college basketball, and working alongside of the greatest to ever roam a sideline, I feel I am allowed to be a bit critical.  I sat in amazement watching the Georgia game on TV and the play calling down the stretch.  Down three points at home with under ten seconds on the clock, Hewitt runs a play to go for a two pointer and then a quick foul.  I challenge you to find a coach at ANY level who thinks that is a good idea.

Hewitt’s contract is large and long, and his buyout is even bigger.  Spend around $7 Million to cut ties and start fresh, or save the money and struggle more.  I feel for die hard Tech fans who must suffer what will be a long ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) season.  I can’t wait until Wake Forest rolls into town for what could be the battle for the basement in the league.

In today’s society, fans want results, especially in the month of March. If you aren’t dancing deep into the Madness, the natives will get restless.  This true stat speaks for itself, “In the spring of 2004 he won five NCAA tournament games in 15 days (going to the Championship Game); in his other nine seasons at Georgia Tech combined, he has won two.”

In a mere couple of hours, I will be sitting courtside with my cousin Amy and her daughter Brooke watching the Yellow Jackets take on Fordham.  I have no idea what to expect and would never put money on predicting the outcome.

I just keep re-reading Bradley’s quote about Hewitt wondering how far off it really is and what the future will hold for the coach and Georgia Tech Basketball.  A new renovated arena is right around the corner and a resurgence is desperately needed. The Rambling Wreck needs to get back on track any way possible.

UPDATE:  Just saw this story come in after I had already written the article and scheduled it to appear on my site…But I am sure I will make it another game soon.

“ATLANTA — Georgia Tech‘s game against Fordham has been canceled because of a severe winter storm.

The Rams were scheduled to play in Atlanta on Monday night, but they couldn’t fly out of New York because of a blizzard that is expected to dump more than a foot of snow in the Northeast.

More than 1,400 flights were canceled Sunday out of the New York City area’s three major airports, and more cancellations are expected Monday.

The game will not be made up. Georgia Tech says fans with single-game tickets can exchange them for a game against Mercer or Charlotte next weekend. Season-ticket holders will be credited $20 toward their accounts next season.”

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  1. ctr says:

    you know how i feel about basketball, but man, do i love tech sucking in it. and the ajc was the same place that gave him the ‘wizard of techwood’ name years ago, but did it without irony… ah, how times have changed. and especially with a better coach in the state about to own him.

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