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Directv Parental Warning for Seinfeld ?!?!

I will first off say I am not a fan of Directv.  I just don’t like there interface, the way they organize their channels, and the way they don’t hide all the useless ones that you don’t pay for.  It makes me really appreciate what I had in Time Warner Cable. Simple and effective.  But, staying with my buddy Mark, Directv is what I have to use.

As I have talked about lately, I have been watching tons of Seinfeld. Sure, I have seen each episode many times, but I still laugh and enjoy each one.  And they are offered four times a day down in Atlanta, so that has made me happy.

While watching an episode the other night I was playing around with the menu buttons, trying to find which show would be on next, and I came across a “Parental Info,” dealing with Seinfeld.  I got a kick out of reading what it said, and have included it for you word for word below.  Enjoy and hopefully you get a laugh like I did.  They make the show sound so rated R…

Directv Parental Info

Iffy for 14+

Parents Need to Know:

Parents need to know that this famous sitcom, which has become a permanent part of the pop culture lexicon, purposely portrays characters who are selfish, amoral, and not always likeable. Lying, cheating, and gossiping are frequent plot elements.  Episodes often center on a character’s dating dilemma and include discussions of contraception, masturbation (though the word is never uttered), and personal habits. Teens and parents who enjoy cerebral humor will find much to celebrate in this series, though younger viewers may be bored or confused by the adult dynamics.

Families can talk about the series’ situations and characters.  Are the situations realistic?  What makes the characters appealing, even though they’re often mean and selfish?  What kind of judgments do the main characters make about the others in the show?  What do these judgments say about the characters themselves?  How does New York figure into the narrative?


The characters are purposefully drawn as selfish and often amoral in order to develop funny situations.  Some Jewish stereotyping. No main or recurring characters of color.


Some slapstick pratfalls and physical violence—nothing serious, and always played for laughs.


Lots of discussion about dating.  Plenty of innuendo and funny discussion of sex (sometimes veiled, sometimes less-so). One episode centers on a birth control device; another on masturbation (though it’s never referred to directly).


Mild: “damn,” “ass,” “hell,” “bitch.”  One episode revolves around trying to guess a women’s name that rhymes with a part of the female anatomy (possibilities include “Mulva” and “Delores”).

4 Responses to “Directv Parental Warning for Seinfeld ?!?!”

  1. randy says:

    excellent–im never watching again

  2. Andrew says:

    That is funny, I’m glad I stumbled across your blog. I wonder what kind of warning they have for Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I’m an employee and subscriber at DISH Network and it may be worth a look into for you. DISH is considerably less expensive than both Time Warner and DirecTV, our menus are easy to use and with just a little bit of time you could set up favorite’s lists so you wouldn’t even have to see the channels you don’t care about. Well anyway, thank you for posting that, it was definitely good ofr a chuckle.

  3. Corey says:

    Glad you got a good laugh and thanks for reading my entry. I have heard good things about Dish also, but problem right now is it is my roommates house and he is making the decisions. But don’t worry, putting plenty of pressure on him!

  4. chrisd says:

    Yeah, these parental info things are downright looney. I know they’re there for uptight parents and morality police, but some really take the piss. The parental info for Splice, paraphrased for example:
    The main couple discuss having a baby (although the film doesn’t mention it, it is not clear if these two are married.)
    “F–k” is used 8 times in various ways. “S–t”, “God” (as exclamation), “Goddamit” “Jesus”

    What makes this seem ludicrous to me is just how easily offended some people are. Then there is some minor bigotry… Movie even barely implies homosexuality? Better warn the parents! It seems like the worst offense to mankind the way they write it… I wonder if they had this Parental Info before Loving v. Virginia if they’d warn us about interracial relationships…

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