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Pipe Dream on Golf Channel Tuesday Night

On Tuesday night, January 11th at 9:30 EST on the Golf Channel is the premiere of Pipe Dream, a show about a homeless man chasing a dream and trying to get back to the PGA tour.

Please check back on Tuesday Morning as I will have an exclusive interview with one of the shows producers Adam Ian Cohen.

Don’t forget to tune in and watch season one.

TV Show Promo in Golf Digest

6 Responses to “Pipe Dream on Golf Channel Tuesday Night”

  1. Randy Bragg says:

    Saw the show last night, I was his best friend for 20 years!

  2. GL says:

    so Randy why are you no longer friends with him? Seems like he could sure use a friend at this time

  3. dana nichols says:

    have watched 2 episodes. have a question: if he was a golf pro and instructor for several yrs, why can’t he go to any of the golf courses in palm springs or anywhere and find a job? i think there is more to his being homeless than just getting kicked out of his girlfriends house. with his background it doesn’t seem that he would just give up.
    hopefully he will get back on his feet with the show.

  4. Corey says:

    Thanks for watching the show and thanks for reading my blog…I got the impression when talking with the producer and co-creator that with the lawsuit pending over his head and zero work experience and no permanent address that he was having troubles with that. All he knows is playing golf and hasn’t worked outside of playing tournaments. Hopefully all the answers will come in the weeks ahead

  5. melanie says:

    Just wondering if you know how many episodes will air in the first season. Very interesting show, and am thinking of writing a paper for school on his story.

  6. Corey says:

    I agree, show has been good and interesting…Wish I could fast forward to the future to see what happens…

    There will be 10 episodes during the first season. No promises, but if you write a paper let me know and maybe I can help with some info or quotes from the producer, co-creator…Have become quite friendly with him.

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