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Seinfeld in my everyday life…

For some reason Seinfeld reruns air four times a day in Atlanta on TBS and Peachtree TV.  For some reason I decide to record each one of them and watch.  For some reason I laugh my head off at each show even though I have seen then them all multiple times.  And for some reason I cannot stop comparing events in my daily life to something that happened on the show.

As a big fan of the Seinfeld, I felt the episodes got funnier and the plots got better each season.  To me, this was a show that continued to climb upwards and never reached a stale or stalemate.  It went out on top before a decline in ratings and quality.

A few days a week I stumble out the door at my buddy Mark’s house in Atlanta and go for a five mile run through the streets.  A favorite route of mine consists of a jog around Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves.  On the backside of the stadium is a Media lot that in the offseason appears to be filled with junk waiting to be thrown away.  I have seen old signs, parking cones and concession tents waiting to find the city dump.

The other day I saw something in the pile that peaked my interest and made me laugh.  I have attended several games at Turner Field and always remember the huge display of Coke bottles and baseball cut outs in upper left field.  But it appears I will never see those there again, as they now all sit in pieces in the back of this media parking lot outside the stadium.

While running and sweating like crazy, I chuckled to myself how I should drive down here and try to load this huge wood pieces into my car to take home, and attempt to build in Mark’s front lawn.  The thought of Kramer from Seinfeld there to help me made me laugh harder as I ran on.

During the ninth and final season of the show, Kramer found an old set from the Merv Griffin Show in a garbage container and brought the pieces home to build the set in his apartment.  As friends would come visit, he would sit them down and be pretending to host the show as they visited.

Again, I just cannot escape thinking about Seinfeld in my daily life. I am proud to report I have fought temptation and the wood Coke Baseball cutouts still remain in the back parking lot waiting to hit the dumpster.

Coke Signs in Upper Left Field at Turner Field

Closeup of signs in left field

Found them in the back parking lot broken down

Ready for trash

Would look awesome rebuild in front yard

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