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You Can Buy ANYTHING On The Internet

The saying always goes, “You can buy anything on the internet, even the kitchen sink.”  Being a regular user of the World Wide Web and an addicted shopper on ebay, I agree with that statement.  Luckily, I haven’t become a compulsive shopper all over the internet, as that could get quite dangerous.  Almost unfair how easy they make it to have what you want shipped to your front door.

If you are a follower of sports and a lover of baseball, you may remember the story several years ago where I fan picked up a piece of USED chewing gum that former Arizona Diamondback Luis Gonzalez had spit out on the grass and tried to sell it on ebay.  Bidding for the item reached $10,000.  Yes, that was not a typo, $10,000.  Who really thinks that looks good sitting on your mantle for everyone to see.

As horrible as I thought that was, I couldn’t believe the fact that people were actually bidding on the item, and for a substantial amount of money.  But what I found on Major League Baseball’s (MLB) auction website the other day was just as bad to me.  Possible worse, because MLB is making the money of these items, not just a fan in the stands. has an auction page that lately has been filled with postseason items.  Most of them are game used balls, lineup cards and some bases with the teams logo on them.  Several days ago an auction went up that blew my mind.  Here is what it said:

“You are bidding on a Ginger ale bottle that was used during the Texas Rangers celebration after clinching the American League Pennant. The bottle was signed by Josh Hamilton with the inscription “ALCS MVP”. This item contains a Major League Baseball Authentication hologram.”

To Major League Baseball’s defense, they are giving the proceeds of this auction to charity, but I still feel like the auction item is a little much and not necessary.  Upon further digging in the auction site, I found a champagne cork bottle that was also used in a clubhouse during a post season celebration.

Gonzalez Bubblegum

For baseball fans, they get their hands on a variety of items.  Locker room name plates (which are a piece of plastic or laminated paper) sell for $50 all the way up to $350 for some New York Yankees players and they locker tags from the 2009 season.

An empty used equipment that was said to belong to Alex Rodriguez is getting over $500.  The funniest story to me was a few seasons ago, a group of people jumped through the dumpster at Fenway Park after the Clubhouse Attendants had cleaned out the locker room.  There the people found pairs of underwear labeled with the players names on it and placed up on ebay. First Baseman Kevin Youkilis’ and Designated Hitter David Ortiz’s went for around $500 each…For a pair of underwear!!

These examples just prove that you truly can buy anything on the internet.

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