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Kentucky has good things

I think the state of Kentucky gets a bad wrap.  True there are lots of horses and farm land, but it has some really cool things in it.  The other day I was driving around it with my good buddies Mark and Lenny and we came to two of my favorite spots.  Of course, this was the one time I didn’t have my camera in my pocket, so had to settle for some cell phone pictures.  I think they still turned out fine, so I wanted to share.

As I shared with everyone HERE a while back, I feel Kentucky has a hidden treasure that the rest of the country does not get to experience.  Ale-8-One soft drink is a carbonated, caffeine ginger ale that to me tastes like pure heaven. The distrubution level is limited, and you can only find Diet, and their other flavors within about a 50 mile radius.  The original Ale-8 regular product has spread to a much larger radius, but the Diet is my favorite.  We stopped at the factory hoping to get a free tour (which is offered) or visit the merchandise shop where I was prepared to slap down the credit card.  Problem is they are closed on Sunday, so I had  to settle for a few pictures outside in the rain.

Building doesn't look like much, but important stuff happens in there!

Have I ever looked happier?

Lenny is hooked on this stuff now too

The next major stop of note was in Corbin, Kentucky, where Colonel Harland Sanders got his start.  Most of you know his work as KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The restaurant we visited had a mini museum in it with lots of original artifacts and items used when Mr. Sanders got his start.  I can only imagine what he would of said had he seen me and my two best buddies eating his chicken…Grilled!!

Mark and Lenny outside Sanders Cafe; AKA- KFC

this place is a historical site

Colonel's Old Office

Pieces of the original kitchen

There use to be a hotel on site also

Mark and Lenny chillin with the man

this guy makes good chicken

Original documents and recipes

More original items

Pieces of the original restaurant

Lenny striking a pose

Mark and I trying to decide what to order

Mark and I with the meals

Lenny and Mark with their meals...should of gotten a bucket

So next time you are driving through Kentucky remember it is more than just a pass through there.

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