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Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Home to the Crimson Tide

Over the weekend I made the just under three hour drive from Atlanta to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where the University of Alabama is located.  I was going to see the Mississippi Rebels take on the Crimson Tide, something I blogged about the other day HERE.  Yes Mom, I drove slow and had two hands on the wheel the entire time.

It looked like a college town to me, with every commercial shop and restaurant right off the highway, and then the traditional campus about 5 miles deep.  I parked my car and walked around for a while before heading over to the arena. I enjoyed the openness of the campus and all the brick buildings.  I felt it was pretty easy to get around as everything was in quadrants and straight streets.

I spent most of my time looking at the athletic facilities, like baseball and softball field and the Tennis complex.  The football stadium is massive, but on major lockdown and I could not get into it.  As you can see by the pictures below, there football is a big deal at Alabama and they honor all their captains and past championships in different ways.

The “Ferg” is what the campus has nicknamed their student center, and I walked around it for a bit.  There is everything you could want inside from food, to shopping to entertainment.  My biggest complaint about  most campuses in the country is that the parking is always a nightmare.  At Alabama, they don’t care who parks where on weekends, so it made for a nicer experience.

One the best things of the day was that I was able to “sneak” into Foster Auditorium.  This building was just renovated and will be used for Women’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball.  I have included pictures below. This venue was used almost 50 years ago for all indoor sports to play their contests.

Driving back to Atlanta after the game, I realized how there are many more things in the South I have not experienced, and need to take advantage of the opportunities while I am down here and able to.  Hope you enjoy my pictures and as always, please stop back for more entries.

The Quad, where students are found hanging out

The Ferg- student event center

Bryant-Denny Stadium, where some football is played

Stadium is located on Paul Bryant Dr.

Amazed at how close the Greek houses are to Football stadium...Backyards backup to football gates

Main Entrance to stadium, also where offices are located

Not sure who they are, but cool statue out front

Honor National Championship teams out front on the brick

SEC Championships are also honored

Outside Stadium

Every coach that won a National Championship is honored with a statue...

...except Nick Saban's is missing...

Girl at Bookstore told me these Paul "Bear" Bryant model hats are one of there biggest sellers

I think it is funny that saying "Roll Tide" is everywhere

Denny Chimes, located in the middle of campus

Denny Chimes ring each hour

Surrounding the Chimes are each football captain and their "prints" in the cement

Thought this was a really cool thing

On the floor of the newly renovated Foster Auditorium

More inside Foster

Foster's scoreboard and banners...this place could be great home court advantage

Outside of Foster...doesn't look like an arena

Softball Stadium

Tennis Complex, voted best in 2006 by United States Tennis Association

Baseball Stadium

Baseball scoreboard

Outdoor Baseball Batting Cage

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  1. ctr says:

    no dreamland or archibald’s? for shame… actually, not even shame, you should just feel remorse

  2. Corey says:

    I kick myself for not checking with you for advice before going…I knew it was a mistake…I should be punished and won’t happen again…

    Curious, what are some of your favorite spots around Atlanta to grub?

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