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Jerry Sands, the Minor Leaguer

I always felt one of the coolest parts of my job with the Dayton Dragons during my three seasons was watching the future of Major League Baseball.  Sure, a very small percentage will actually make it to the big leagues and get even a “cup of coffee,” but each team was filled with so called “prospects.”  Many would get released or retire out of Low-A ball, but some have gone on to have regular playing time at the Major League Level.

As I have written before, only one player that I have had as Dragon (Enerio Del Rosario) has made it to the Show, but several others have been placed on the Cincinnati 40-man roster could see a call-up any day.  But as far as other teams, a large number of players we played against have made it and are still performing at the Big League level.

I was very fortunate that I got to spend a lot of time in the dugout during games with Dayton.  I had great help in the clubhouse (thanks Mike) and organized myself where I was able to do that.  I was also lucky enough to travel with the team meaning I did not miss a game or an opponent.  This allowed me to watch many prospects and players along the way.

Last week the Los Angeles Dodgers called up left field prospect Jerry Sands. Tons of articles were written about Sands and his quick movement through the minor league system.  Exactly a year ago, he was still playing in Low-A Ball for the Great Lakes Loons, a team in the Midwest League with the Dragons. They were also in our division so I got to watch him tear us up a bunch.

At times I feel like friends roll their eyes at me when I tell him about certain players I saw or meet working in the clubhouse. Luckily, with Sands I have an autographed ball he signed for me and some pictures I took of him to prove it.

The picture in this post is from Dow Diamond Stadium, home of the Loons. It was a Sunday game, because Great Lakes is wearing there Sunday red uniforms.  I look forward to the future to see more Midwest League players make to the Majors and remember the times I watched them.

I took this picture of Jerry Sands from our dugout when we played Great Lakes

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