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Hi Corbett Field in Tuscon, Arizona..Found You!

Some folks can sniff out gold from miles away.  Some folks can sniff out trouble from around the corner.  Me? I can sniff out a baseball stadium from thousands of feet away.  While visiting my sister in Tuscon, Arizona where her and her husband moved a year ago, I knew that two former Major League Baseball Spring Training Sites excited.  Driving down the road I saw a bank of lights, and knew it had to be one of them. So, being the crazy man I am, I made them pull in to explore the grounds.

What we found was Hi Corbett Field, former spring training site to the Colorado Rockies from 1993 to 2010.  Starting this season, the team moved up North to Phoenix to be closer to the other Cactus League Teams.

The most famous thing about Hi Corbett Field was that it was used to film various scenes of the movie Major League.  This was the actual Spring Training home to the Cleveland Indians from 1947 until 1992 when the team moved to Florida.

The Tuscon Toros, and independent league team, also played the 2009 and 2010 season in Hi Corbett Field. Due to the Tuscon Padres, AAA for San Diego, moving into the area, the team decided to take a break from playing.

As usual, I found an open gate to sneak into and gave myself a tour.  I also found an open window in the press box area and helped myself to walking around.  The other former Spring Training site in Tuscon is where the Arizona Diamondbacks were playing before also moving  North. The Tuscon Padres call that stadium home and I plan to catch a game there soon.

Front of the stadium

More front view

Front Gate

Concourses where you can find some shade!

Stadium seats over 9,000

Sunshines beats down everywhere on Hi Corbett

Press box and "luxury" suites

Plenty of grandstands and bleachers

Inside the dugout

My Brother in Law Jason and Me on the field

Lots of foul ground

Scoreboard at Hi Corbett Field

My sister Jodi and Jason sitting in the dugout

Bullpens down the lines

view out towards left

Stands look so empty and sad...

Love Baseball Stadiums...even Hi Corbett

Inside the press box i snuck into

Independent League All Star Game was held there

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  1. Eileen says:

    Hope you don’t get yourself in trouble sneaking into these places now that the whole world knows.

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