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Simple drive becomes longgggggg….

Only I can turn a nine hour drive into a 12 hour drive. Just ask my mom, who sat in the car screaming at me the entire time, it is not for the lack of speed that I drive.  It is all due to the number of baseball stadiums that I stop to see along the way.

My parents drove from home in Cincinnati and picked me up in Atlanta following the most recent Braves homestand.  From there the wheel was mine as I drove them the rest of the way to Florida where they would vacation for a while.  And the rule is, if I drive, I stop when I want at whatever I want. What a mistake that deal was they made.

Being the home to many Major League Baseball Spring Training homes and minor league parks, I had plenty of options and opportunities to stop and visit fields that I had n

Scoreboard at Jackie Robinson Ballpark

Outfield Wall filled with Ads

Washington Nationals Spring Training, Viera Beach

Roger Dean Stadium...shared by Cardinals and Marlins for Spring

Backfields at Roger Dean Stadium

Traditions Field in Port St. Lucie, home of the New York Mets

ever seen before.

Never giving up and taking no for an answer, I snuck my way in to give a self guided tour to check out these stadiums.  Below are some pictures of what I saw.

Jacksonville Suns

Florida Marlins AA team, Jacksonville Suns

Scoreboard at Suns

Jackie Robinson Ballpark, home of the Daytona Cubs

Softball tournament being held in Daytona

Old park in Daytona

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