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Birmingham Barons game

Started my day off with a great visit to Auburn University, but then struck out trying to attend a Montgomery Biscuits game.  As the saying goes, three is a charm, so I started on another adventure.

I raced out of the gift shop and headed back to my car.  I cracked my second energy drink of the night as I inputted my next destination into the Garmin GPS.  Luckily, I-65 North was near by and I was on way to Birmingham!

A day early, I was headed to see the Barons play.  Quickly doing the math in my head, I realized I would be about an hour late.  I called the ticket office to make sure there was no delay or cancellation.  Rain began to come down again in sheets as I headed up the highway.

I arrived at the stadium in the top of the 3rd and missed a few runs of scoring. Home clubhouse manager Jeff Perro hooked me up with a ticket to get in and shortly meet up with me outside of the gift shop. He gave me a great tour of the facilities and I settled in to watch the rest of the game.

It was a crazy day of driving, but at least I was able to see some good baseball.  My biggest, but best surprise of the day came from the Birmingham Barons catcher.  His name is Jason Bour and he was a former player of mine with the Dayton Dragons.  It was awesome to see him and get to spend a few minutes catching up.

Something about visiting other towns and seeing minor league baseball really does it for me. This surely was an adventure, but well worth it!

Scoreboard View

View down the left field standsPressbox behind the plateMetal bleachers and lawn

view from RF concourse

Former Dayton Dragon and Current Baron Jason Bour

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