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Georgia Tech Basketball Rebuilding For Sure

Last night I had the privilege of sitting courtside to watch the Clemson Tigers and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.  After watching my second live 40 minutes of Tech basketball, added with the other numerous minutes I have seen on TV, I am beginning to feel sorry for Head Basketball Coach Brian Gregory.  He just does not have much to work with as his players seem overmatched in every aspect of the game.

To be fair, this is Gregory’s first season at the helm of the Yellow Jackets and he was “given” most of what he has.  But to say he is “rebuilding” it putting it lightly and is a process that could take some time.  Georgia Tech was only able to score 37 points last night against the Tigers.  Clemson was a team that came into this game 13-13, so it is not like the competition was that outmatched.

Tech has a TOUGH time scoring the basketball.  There is not simpler way to put it.  To add insult to injury Georgia Tech is displaced from their on campus arena for the season while it undergoes major renovations.  After playing their non-conference schedule 40 minutes from campus, they now play their ACC games in Phillips Arena, home to the Atlanta Hawks. Even with the complete upper deck closed by curtains the building still feels empty.

I have watched Brian Gregory coach for many years while he was at the University of Dayton. I hope Tech fans give him a shot to prove himself one way or another and don’t totally disappear after this season.


Outside view of Phillips Arena


Never seen BOTTOMLESS SODA at a sporting event


Student Section


My seats were on the floor and closer to center court than the one I use to have on the bench while at the University of Cincinnati. It made for an awesome experience all around.  Sure would have liked to have seen a better showing from the fans, especially the students.  Phillips only sits a few miles from campus so that is not an excuse.


My courtside seat

View down the sideline from my seat

Tip Off



For the last few years, I have a tendency of looking past just the action on the playing surface and notice so much more.  Arena set up, game management and especially uniforms and equipment.  I have never been a huge fan of Georgia Tech and there Russell Athletic gear, but last night looked horrible. Here is Clemson in their nice Nike stuff, especially socks, and the Yellow Jackets had on plain white crew socks. Just made me laugh.

Tech Socks


Sock Differences




Game Action


View from Club Level


Pre game stretch


Clemson Bench during a timeout

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