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2012 New Orleans Jazz Fest

Having not been to New Orleans since I was on the basketball staff at the University of Cincinnati when took on Tulane in 2004, I was very much looking forward to returning to the Big Easy.  I was going for a long weekend, with the major reason for my trip being to attend New Orleans Jazz Fest and Heritage Festival.  Having known very little about this event, I had no idea what to expect. To be quite honest, I was expecting the worst, remembering my experience at the Kentucky Derby years ago and hearing stories of huge music festivals like Woodstock and Bonnaroo.

Jazz Fest took place at the local horse track, where the infield is covered with booths, tents, stages and people.  Upon entering, I was surprised at home many different tents and stages were being used for music, all at the same time.  I think there were near 10 venues that you could hear live music at at any given moment.

As I whole, I really enjoyed my experience. Sure it was hot and the sun was beating down, but since you are allowed to bring in soft coolers with bottled water,I was very hydrated.  The crowd overall was very tame and chill.  Again, thinking back to the Kentucky Derby, I thought the infield of the track would be filled with drunks. That could not of been farther from the truth.

For me, the top three acts that I saw over my two day stay were the Eagles, Better than Ezra and the Foo Fighters.  All had songs I knew, and put on a pretty good show.

I can not comment enough about the food.  Absolutely outstanding!  So many options to choose from at different booths there was not enough time, or money, to try everything.

Being a big “event guy” this ranks very highly on my list. New Orleans is such an interesting city and has a different feel for me than most in the country. I recommend this for sure.  Now, as far as visiting Bourbon Street…Yes, I went…No you can not see pictures or hear stories…

Map of the grounds


Horse Barns surrounding the track


View of the clubhouse, grandstands


Thankfully, lots of toliets!


One of the many VIP areas

View from the track looking towards the main "Acura" stage


Acura Stage


Outside one of the huge tents


Inside the Gospel Tent


Watching Better Than Ezra


Big stages also had huge screens to watch the stage


Another side stage


Some Heritage and culture


Lots of Art booths with some cool items for sale


SOME of the food booths


Crawfish Monica on the left, Crawfish Enchiladas (best dish there) on the right


Alligator Pie on left, Spicy Crawfish Rice on right


Fried Plantains


Sugar Free King Cake Flavored Snowball


Feel bad for the people that must clean this stuff up


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