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Angry Birds, the movie?!?!

Just over a year ago I wrote how I was addicted to Angry Birds. You can see that article by clicking HERE.

I am proud to say that fad has died down. I still think it is a fun game, and play from time to time, but no longer on a regular basis. I am actually a little embarrassed to say I have NOT beaten every level of each game (regular, season and Rio.)

While reading Entertainment Weekly the other day, I came across something that made me laugh and I wanted to share.  The magazine was saying who would play each character if they were to release an Angry Birds movie. I have shared the article as a picture below. I thought it was pretty funny.

My blogging has been slow to zero for various reasons.  Hopefully this will pick up soon as I do miss writing.  Hope everyone’s 2012 is starting off as good as mine.

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