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Don’t Call it a Comeback…

I am not exactly sure when the magical switch happened, but I have always enjoyed writing.  Been told by many that I am not half bad, and people enjoy reading what I put down on paper. I truly enjoy the creativity and freedom of writing.  I can admit my weak spot is grammar and sentence structure, but that can always be corrected by an editor. My buddy Jamie was on the High School paper with me at Sycamore and would always save the day turning my columns into masterpieces just by editing.


I started this blog mainly for myself and surprisingly grew a small audience.  While working in baseball, I was able to get some unique angles and interviews for my readers that most are not able to have.


After some time, I ran into some ‘censorship’ issues with a few of my unnamed employers. They felt ‘nervous and worried’ that I put things on paper that were not supposed to be leaked.  I reassured that they needed to have faith that I would leave what happened in the locker room, in the locker room.  Issues still arose and I was asked to remove some posts from this site. Trust me, nothing I wrote was ‘top secret,’ or anything, but they supplied the paycheck so I had to listen. Some day as I continue to remove myself from those situations I may take the ‘blocked’ off the posts to put up again. Don’t get to excited, nothing will be too juicy.


If I wanted to release juicy, I could write a book. The things I have seen, done or been associated with cause easily fill a novel.  My posting has been nonexistent lately and I am sure not one person still checks this site but I don’t care. I want to start to write again for myself.  Put thoughts on paper and have some fun.  I also like to use pictures to express things and events.  At least I know when I tell my dad I have started to write again he will check every once in a while!


But don’t call it a comeback; I have been here for years…



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    awesome. glad ot hear it

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