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I got my first look today at the 2009 Major League Baseball Official All-Star Game Ballot. This year’s game will be held in Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.  I know I do not stand with everyone on this, especially my own dad, but I like the All-Star Game. I also like the Olympics, World Baseball Classic and the Americans tour of the Japan league at the end of each season.  I love the game of baseball, and anything special where players can represent their country, league or the greater good of the game I am all for.  I understand the argument that these games do not, “mean anything,” but to me they are very enjoyable to watch.  I remember attending the 1988 All-Star Game at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, and although very young, I remember the electric atmosphere.

On Tuesday, July 14th, the American League All-Stars will take on the National League All-Stars in front of a sold out stadium and millions of viewers on TV. I understand that these will not be the “best” from each league, as the fans vote for the players they want and others choose to sit out the game for various reasons.  But still, it is a neat event, so vote early and vote often!

A few years ago I attended a Cincinnati Reds game with a friend of mine.  The usher walked down the aisles and passed out an all-star ballot to every fan in our section so that we could vote for the players we thought were deserving of a spot on the All-Star team.  My friend quickly took the ballot and placed it under her seat, choosing not to participate in the voting process. I questioned her as to why she was not going to fill out and that she could borrow my pen to punch out the little baseballs when I was finished.

With a very serious tone, she said, “Corey, I do not know anything about baseball and who deserves to go to the game, so I figure I am better off not to vote then to vote some non deserving players into the game.  Let the people who know something about this decide it.”

I thought for a second what she said, and told her I understand and that is kind of the way I feel when I enter the voting booth on Election Day.  Baseball was not important enough for her to study and learn well enough to vote for the All-Star Game, and I respected that.  Just wish people would feel the same way when they try to bring up a political discussion with me and I choose to ignore it.  Now please do not think that I believe that Major League Baseball and Politics are the same thing, but I hope you get my point.

When studying this year’s ballot, there are two major things that stand out to me. One is that Walt Disney must have spend a ton of money to advertise their new 3-D movie G-Force, coming out in July.  The other is for the first time, fans are able to vote for three players in each league that they would like to see in the State Farm Home Run Derby the night before the All-Star Game.  Very funny to see Ichiro Suzuki’s name as a choice for the American League Home Run Derby.

So even if you choose not to vote for this year’s teams, I hope you will tune in and watch the game.  I know I will be!!

7 Responses to “Vote Early and Vote Often!”

  1. ELB says:

    I promise I won’t discuss Politics with you as long as you don’t laugh at the way i pronounce players names. I think I’m just starting to understand you.

  2. mackdaddy says:

    Did you vote for Votto? I bet you voted yourself as a write in candidate for All Star clubhouse Mgr. You would be better than some guys I know.

  3. Corey says:

    I have not voted yet…I tend to wait longer than one month in to make sure the best candidate gets my vote…

  4. steamin dragon says:

    Is it true that Obama is the leading vote-getter for outfielders? Thats good to hear….vote for change!

  5. mackdaddy says:

    Do you vote for the manager too? Would you write in Joe A?

  6. Corey says:

    You do not vote for manager…That is based on last year’s World Series teams…I hear great thing about Joe A…

  7. mackdaddy says:

    Well, who cares about last year. Put the fan favorite in there. I twould be Lou and Francona every year.

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