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Stars Wars Night in Appleton

If I have said it once, I have said it 1000 times, I am a fan of ‘themed nights’ in minor league baseball.  All the ones that I have seen the club does a really good job of preparing, and hopefully the fans will buy in also.  Last night at Time Warner Cable Field the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers held Star Wars Night.

Outside of live action characters walking around, and tons of graphics on the scoreboard, the team wore special stormtroopers jersey’s.  The jersey’s looked better off, since the bottom of them is important, but got tucked in when the players wore them.  I tried to get some pictures of the evening to bring to you.  Was pretty neat to see kids with light savers in the stands.

Outside banner

Jersey auction

Live Characters everywhere!

Star Wars Jersey

1st Rounder Eric Arnett

Stormtrooper Jersey

Neat idea, just kind of plain

All of our players had Star Wars Characters with them

DiDi and his Ewok

Richburg and Jar Jar

back of the jersey...plain

Wisconsin players were Jedi Masters

Who is scarier? Shane or Darth Maul?

Frank is the Emperor

Fang was even dressed up

Loved when they showed movie clips during the game

Darth Vader brought out the lineup card for game 2

Not everyday you see a Stormtrooper sitting in the stands

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