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25 Years ago today…

In the United States of America, and even throughout the world, September 11th brings on sad memories of the terrorists attacks of 2001.  But in the city of Cincinnati, the date has another meaning, one to cheer and celebrate.

Twenty five years ago today, September 11th, 1985, hometown hero Pete Rose singled off of Eric Show of the San Diego Padres to surpass Ty Cobb and being Major League Baseball’s All-Time Hits Leader, and give himself the nickname, “The Hit King.”  Even through all of Rose’s off the field troubles, the city of Cincinnati has stood behind him at all times.

At Great American Ballpark this evening, Rose returned to the field for a short pregame ceremony celebrating that historic night in 1985.  With the Dragons season over, I was able to attend the game with my dad and took a few pictures and videos to bring you.

For years I have listened to debates about Pete Rose, and whether he should be allowed in the Hall of Fame.  I understand arguments that he messed with the integrity of the game by gambling on it while a part of it.  But one thing can not be changed, and that are Rose’s records that he accomplished on the field.  You can not tell me that every member of the Baseball Hall of Fame is not an angel.  There are convicted felons and steroid users throughout the game of baseball that are viewed differently than Rose.   Sure, he lied for years and I can not defend that. Anyways, I didn’t want this post to turn into a Pro-Rose Hall of Fame rant, so here are the pictures and videos from the night.  Feel free to email me or click on the comments section below with your “two cents” on the matter.

Eric Davis, Tom Browning, Tony Perez, Caesar Geronimo, Tommy Helms on hand to honor Pete

All the current Reds watch on from the dugout

Plenty of Pete highlights and pictures on the board

Fans refused to sit throughout the ceremony

Some fans brought their own Pete signs along

Pete had a pre recorded message on the board that lasted a few minutes

Rose entered on a golf cart from center field

Pete stood on first base where the hit went down next door at old Riverfront


Rose's sons entered the field

Pete and his son Pete Jr. hug on 1B like that did in 1985

Several Pirates came out early to watch

Bob Castellini gave Pete a statue

When it was done, Pete exited the same way he came in...rumor was he had to catch a plane back to the casino, for real...

Pete exits...

Military surround the mound as the game ball was delivered

Different Rose milestones were shown throughout the night

Last Week Volquez was with me in the Dragons clubhouse, tonight he was shutting down the Pirates...


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